We Watched STOMP

We watched STOMP over the weekend
A non traditional dance troupe that uses ordinary objects to produce percussion and dance movements
We were often awed by the group’s inventive and fun performance on youtube videos
It was our first time catching it LIVE, IN A THEATRE

It is uncommon for us to splurge on such entertainment
My last concert with my husband was like more than 10 years ago
catching diva Tina Turner and Mariah Carey in Singapore

This time round, the impulse to splurge
was justified by our current obsession with recycling junk
The objects used by the group to create music REALLY reminds me of JUNK!

Malcolm had a blasting good time
He shaked his legs
He wriggled his butt
He bounced on his seat
and he laughed so loud that we thought his laughter tickled us MORE than the performance itself

Over all, a highly entertaining performance
but I think the kids have it more fun than the adults
perhaps it was because we measured it by the price we paid for the tickets
I think we can enjoy the performance as much, watching youtube videos at home

But the kids brought home something more than us
the lesson has been drilled deeper

that there is MORE to a piece of junk
especially when you think hard enough

that the ways to creating music
like many things in life
is only limited by one’s imagination and creativity


Recycled Piggy Bank

We were at this shop with his little friends the other day
He saw them each bought a piggy bank
He wanted one too
but I told him perhaps we could make one ourselves
one with a little more character and cost a little less

We rummaged through our ever growing collection of scraps
We gathered these

and we made a piggy bank, from our pile of recyclable junk

An Army Tank Bank
where he can drop coins from the top
and pop them out from the side
an opening with a blue cap
where his Meiji milk used to flow

And it wasn’t just any tank
It was a FV 101 Scopion from the British Army’s reconnaissance units
one used in the Gulf War

I was clueless how a reconnaissance tank should look
so he instructed me to refer to his book

He was particular about how each part should be
the position of the turret
the length of the gun
and the colour has to be like those used in Operation Desert Storm

It’s fun piecing up what he WANTS from what we HAVE
and I love to hear him goes
‘AH! I have an IDEA!’

When we were finally done
the tank probably looks different from the actual one
with his own specification and improvisation
but he was ecstatic
and he was exhilarated

He LOVES how his reconnaissance tank looks
and I LOVE what follows next

That I can now nag less
for he has incentives to do his daily things
as he was eager to earn his keep
to fill up his Army Tank Bank

And he LOVES his tank/bank so much
that he had to bring his precious creation to the airport to welcome Dad



Somehow when Dad is not around
I felt obligated to shower him with all my attention

I let him share my bed
Even though he has long learn to sleep on his own
He sleeps better when next to me
and we woke up later than usual

We had pancakes for brunch
wholesome homemade ones

Perhaps it was the running around
Mum felt extremely tired
perhaps Dad was not around
Mum felt especially lazy

Somehow the sun seem hotter than usual
the glare almost unbearable

So we drew the curtain
cooled the room
and sprawled in bed for a game of scrabble

I love the way he focus on each letter
trying to form his words
flipping through dad’s reference books on planes
our substitute for a dictionary
for we couldn’t find one at home

Juggling numbers in his head
trying to add up his score
a good workout and simple nourishment for his little brain

Then we filled up the tub
dribble a drop or two of bath drop
threw in some toys
he entertained himself
while I soaked my aches and sores away

And then came the message
‘I’ve landed in Zurich’

It has only been slightly more than 12 hours
but we miss him already

And I thought about our little house with the little red shutters
perched at the edge of the slope
and I wonder is it too early to catch the first snow