3M Polarizing Light

My 6 year old has set his dream of becoming a pilot since like 3 years back and this is one thing that he has been very consistent with.

We all know how crucial it is for pilots to have perfect eye sight and apart from hereditary genes, straining the eyes over long period of time is the surest way of damaging the eyes.

As parents, we often emphasize on the harmful effect of excessive electronic games and TV, yet we may have over looked on what makes a good reading lamp. I was one of the guilty one until recently when I was introduced to 3M table lamp.

These eye catching icons summarize the special features for 3M Polarizing Light CR 2000 which include enhanced brightness and reduced glare with their innovative proprietary DESR reflective film and polarizing light filter.

After going through their product features I realized how inadequate our current reading lamps were.

What we had at home were standing halogen lamp (from IKEA), energy saving bedside table lamp (from IKEA) and a small portable LED reading light (by Energizer).

For the standing halogen lamp, I could direct it in the desired direction, but I found it too hot. It gets uncomfortably warm after a while plus I think it is not energy efficient.

For the bedside table lamp, a stylish and trendy looking one from IKEA which in fact is more of an ambient light than a serious reading lamp  It is too dim and the direction of light can’t be adjusted thus does not illuminate the book very well.

For the portable reading light, it is useful when I don’t want to disturb the sleeping kids.  But it does not provide adequate lighting.  After a little while of reading, my eyes get really tired.  It is also a chore trying to adjust the light continuously to illuminate the right spot of the page.

Common to ALL of these lights is glare. Biggest problem is that Malcolm’s books all tend to be colourful and printed on somewhat shiny paper.

So what is the problem with glare?

Why do we spend hundreds of dollars on sunglasses other than trying to look good?

Glare tires the eyes needlessly.  It reduces visual acuity.  It could increase the incidence of myopia as well.

So short of cranking up the lights and putting on polarized sunglasses, 3M proposes an alternative solution.

The idea is simple enough. Instead of polarizing the reflected light like in a lens filter or sunglasses, they put a 3M proprietary polarizing filter in front of the bulb, allowing only “good” light to come out.  The “bad” light gets filtered out and “re-cycled” back into good light.  The result is supposedly a 50-80% reduction in glare.

We were glad to bring back a 3M Polarizing Light CR2000 for testing

First look, the 3M Polarizing Light CR2000 is actually quite a handsome looking table lamp.

The quality of the build is good.

With a heavy base, the lamp sits firmly when the structure is pulled and tugged

My 6 year old can easily adjust the light so that it points to the direction he wants

The light is especially bright with its 20W energy saving light bulb which can save up to 80% of its energy used.

Unlike the flimsy table lamp we used to have, this one, with its strong structure is able to withstand the man-handling of my 8 month old baby

We like the lamp for its many special features, not to mention that we have always been very impressed with the quality of 3M products


So now, the CR200 sits in Malcolm’s room, next to his bed.

And we use it every night for his bedtime reading.

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Yona Yona Penguins

I have never been lucky when it comes to winning things, but perhaps it’s a sign of a good year ahead, last Saturday, I was one of the selected blogger by omy to catch Yona Yona penguin for a special one evening preview at Jurong Birdpark, in return, to blog about the event. This is my virgin attempt to blog for a hosted event.

Yona Yona Penguin is a Japanese animated film, by Madhouse, about the amazing adventure of Coco, a little girl with penguin coat, as she journeys through a world of fantasy and magic to save her friends from the Emperor of the dark.

Having watched only Hollywood cartoons, Walt Disney and Dream Works have somehow set the standard for animated movie.  And knowing that distribution deals for this film has been signed with the Japanese and French set my expectation for this film even higher, afterall they are known for their haute couture.

In the park, Bongo Burgers served food a little slower and pricier than your usual fast food joint.  I like the deco for its originality and wild safari feel with little animal chairs at the kids’ eating corner. They were so cute that my husband and I chose to sit on them even though they could only support half our butt.

Malcolm is crazy over penguins ever since our ski trips in France. He was smitten by the pigloo penguins and was absolutely thrilled and delighted to take picture with Hobart, the little penguin in exhibit. This little guy was so darn cute and is tamer than any dog I’ve seen. He just stood there obediently to let excited kids take picture with him. There was no food whatsoever to bribe him. A little affection and patting from his handler was all he needs and he stood there still enough for this picture to be taken without a flash.

We finally found the pool amphitheater after a short stroll. Having zero recollection of how the Birdpark is like, I was really expecting something like Movies in the Park by Class 95, a little bit of party or carnival mood. I even thought of packing a picnic basket to go along but glad I didn’t. Picnic at an outdoor theater with step seating ?  Erh, perhaps not.

The sky took on a deep violet hue and the crowds started streaming in.  Soon the movie began. The sound was scratchy and intermittent for the first few minutes and then we realised they were speaking Japanese! I thought perhaps it was a technical glitch and the language will revert to English once it was fixed but I WAS WRONG.

Upon closer scrutiny, the fine prints behind the ticket did say that the movie was in JAPANESE with English subtitles! There was no way my 5 year old could read and understand the subtitles and having left my glasses in the car, I couldn’t understand anything beyond the arigatos and sayonaras.

The air grew heavy and still.  The mist blowing fans didn’t seem to help to cool us, neither did the ice creams nor the queen of Caldecott Hill who was sitting two rows in front of us with her husband and 2 lovely boys. Mal grew restless. Marcus was sweaty and beginning to fuss in his seat and Daddy yawned even as he stuffed his face with chips. We realized that leaving is our best option before the peace was broken.

Getting out of the amphitheater was a relief. The evening air at once felt fresher. We strolled back to the car and had a pleasant drive home.

Lesson for the day, always check the language of the film before you go.


Have You Spring Clean

It has been a crazy week
My husband is out of town and I am left with the kids
I could have gotten some help from my mum but it was a bad time to seek help as every year this time, my mum is busy preparing for Chinese New Year
And somehow despite all the disapproval she got from me over the years for making such a big hoo haa over Chinese New Year, I AM EVERY BIT LIKE HER
I FOLLOW her Chinese New Year ritual
It’s scary

I woke up one morning and decided that I NEED to clean the house, not because I feel energetic but BECAUSE Chinese New Year is nearing

I changed the sheets, cushion covers, bean bag cover, dining chair covers, basically all removable sheets and tops you can find in the house
I dusted the furniture
I mopped the floor the old fashion way
I scrubbed every inconspicuous corner in the kitchen and I traced every single ants and bugs to where they reside

I set up ants baits
I called in the furniture guy and demanded for a refund because I found BUGS crawling on them when they were barely 6 months old !
I settled for a one to one exchange instead

Then there were my few suitcases of pre-pregnancy clothes still sitting in the storage room
I can finally have them back in my wardrobe now that I have lose most of my pregnancy weight but I NEED SPACE and I can’t have them until my maternity clothes make way

Then I received this very timely email from Maternity Exchange, a unique retail concept where mums-to-be have the flexibility of buying or renting from an extensive maternity wardrobe.

MX will be launching a new program called the ‘Buy My Love’ this Chinese New Year, a sellback scheme which allows mummies to sell their preloved maternity and nursing wear back to them

Ms Deborah Ng, Director of Exchange Concept Pte Ltd, the company behind MX gave all the credit to their loyal customers for this very innovative program as many have been asking whether they could sell their hardly worn maternity pieces back to them.

Somehow I find this recycling concept rather ‘environmental friendly’ and with this brilliant program, the annual spring cleaning this year might actually get you some ang pow money.

MX will be offering attractive prices ranging from SGD $15 to SGD $70 depending on the brand of the piece
You can find out more about this program at FAQ section of their website

Do email them at buymylove[at]maternityexchange[dot]sg or call them up at +65 68419142 if you like to find out more about their program

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