Progression … Destruction

And the once hardy tree stood

gasping, gagging, choking

barely living



Note : I have been wanting to photograph these trees every time I pass them while driving on the highway

But it has been such a challenge trying to find an ideal spot to shoot them

The other day, I decided that I just have to do it

So I got off the car on the highway road shoulder, climbed over the barricade, balance myself on rocks and haphazardly took a few shots with my iphone

The effect was far from what I had in mind but I am glad I did it before these were gone, gone with progression

Thanks to my husband for saying yes to my crazy suggestion




Trees of Our Garden City

I was pleasantly surprised when one of my photo made it to the cover of a book

Nah … just kidding

I have always been pretty amazed by how Singapore transformed herself from a fishing village into a garden city within such a short span of time
Many cities that I have visited with much longer histories do not have this much greenery

I was at the Singapore Botanic Garden’s souvenir shop the other day when the title of this book caught my attention
I was soon drawn to the picture on the cover that looks almost identical to a photo I took early this year while searching for my oak tree

Apparently this book is the 2nd edition of ‘Trees of Our Garden City’, a publication by the National Parks Board that was launched in Oct 2009

Perhaps I did come across this book and had subconsciously stored the photo composition into memory

But I doubt it

A beautiful arc created by the branches of these old trees
It’s interesting how the trees all lean towards the sea
and it is nice knowing that someone else ‘sees’ what I saw

I remember my husband not being able to tell where I shot this although we were both very familiar with this stretch of road

I wonder whether is it just him

and I am now eager to find out the photographer for the book cover


Check out more trees in my Gallery

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In Search Of My Oak Tree

Apart from Windows and Doors
I have a liking for trees

It started off when I first visited the States when I was in my early twenties
My husband, back then my boyfriend, showed me a book by Ansel Adams
I was mesmerized by the oak tree

[Ansel Adams’s Oak Tree]

We get to see interesting trees in vast open fields when we go for road trips
I started paying more attention to them

Perhaps I was hoping to find my oak tree
A lone bare tree that frames the horizon

Usually to get close to these trees we need to wade through undergrowth
Sometimes trespassing private land
Back then we own a film camera

It was fun but time consuming
Not possible if we have a tight traveling schedule or worse if we are traveling with kids

Over time, I have collected some trees pictures
mostly taken when we travel

These pictures are far from perfect
Almost all were taken with a point and shoot camera as we only invest in a DSLR recently

As I looked through these pictures
I realised that I will probably need a life time to find and photograph my perfect tree

Note : I have created an album Trees under Gallery

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