A Walk In The Park

Because of the sniffle I caught
We have been avoiding crowded places that are air conditioned these days
(which is about EVERYWHERE on our tiny little island)

So come weekends, you can probably find us trudging through the forest
making our way through tall shrubs and ferns
reeking from our own sweat in the hot and humid weather
and finally emerging from under the thick foliage
with our boots caked in mud and pants soiled from our labour

It is messy

Given my penchant for hygiene and cleanliness
It is amazing how good I feel even in all this mess

It is liberating to break out of our urban jungle
to feel hot, sweaty, muddy and itching from all the bug and mosquito bites

It is rejuvenating
It is pure joy
I feel revitalized even amid coughs and croaks

All these lasted for a glorious five minutes
till I took off my boots
and gagged my own screams when I discovered
my ruined pedicure



Hey, but seriously

Weekends are so much better with
Pink trekking pants and tough hiking boots



Leaving a Legacy : Steve Jobs

It was Thursday morning when I read the shocking news from my iPhone
Steve Jobs the genius behind the phone I was holding has passed away at age 56

I was still recovering from the news when the door bell rang
Someone from Apple Care had came to deliver my iMac
It was sent in for repair the day before as the hard disk had crashed

Just 1 day and the machine was resurrected
I certainly didn’t expect the service to be this prompt
and coincidentally, it came by while I was still taken aback by the news of the passing on of the person who was behind this machine

It was this coincidence that prompted this post

I am not a technoid
I don’t lust over or chase after the latest technology and gadgets
It’s an expensive hobby which a housewife cannot afford
furthermore I am lousy at reading manuals

My husband had learned his lesson
Never to buy me electronics gifts that are too sophisticated
They will end up becoming white elephants

I was never a fan of Macintosh
For a long time, I was happy with my PC
because I can get cheap compatible software
They were everywhere

Getting a Mac was like buying a car that guzzles up petrol
It’s foolish
unless they are super cars which clearly outperform
but back then in the 1980s and early 1990s, a Macintosh wasn’t

Then came the colourful iMac in 1997
which revolutionized the look of the dull looking machine
I shrugged it off as just another fad
The reason for not getting one remained
another reason also because they were pricier

Apple continued to innovate and created the Macbook, the iPod and the iPhone
I remember first seeing an iPhone on a flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix back in 2007
A man sitting next to me was holding on to one
He was swiping on the screen
It was sleek and stylish
A beautiful thing
I didn’t know what it was until later
It was Apple’s latest product

Still, it was much later when I finally bought my first iPhone in Singapore
It was their 3rd release, the 3GS

There are the PC users and the Mac users
I was still very much a PC users and thought and knew nothing about the Mac interface and system
If anything, it was the design of the iPhone that won me over

I was slow to follow
but since then, I hadn’t looked back

Our subsequent purchases included an iMac and a MacBook Air
I was brought out of my little cocoon of the PC world
I had changed side to be a Mac user

Apple products had changed how I connect with friends, how I listen to music, how I take pictures, edit them and how I read
It had changed my life and my beliefs

The craze over Apple’s product is more than aesthetic and hype
It is usability and reliability (I had dropped my iPhone countless times)

As I sat here composing this post, browsing through pictures, messaging my husband and listening to music
I know my life will be very different without this man
and to think that he achieved all these things in the face of adversity while fighting tough battles with death

He imagined, he dreamed, he believed, he did and he created
some of the most amazing everyday things in our lives
and shaped the face of technology
inspiring countless attempts at greatness

Immortality is not about living forever
but about leaving a legacy, and living in our memories




Scirocco Ladies’ Day – Unleashing The Speed Monster

I attended the Scirocco Ladies’ Day over the weekend
A public event held by Volkswagen Singapore for women only, to try out their Scirocco on the Singapore Grand Prix track

[picture from Volkswagen Singapore website]

Just the thought of riding in this sexy lady set my heart thumping, what more on our F1 track
It’s like having a legal license to do illegal things

The truth is, I enjoy driving
To drive means to be independent, to be in control and to be free
I am thankful that I have the flexiblitly to bring my kids to places on my own and not having to rely on my husband or public transport

So when I heard about the event over the radio, I knew I had to do it
A Stay At Home Mum doesn’t get to do things like this very often

Some might say you can always pop by the showroom for a test drive
The fact is, the car salesman will probably ask me to head straight back if I was to go anywhere close to 140 km/h

The hard truth is that flooring the accelerator is still very much reserved for men in this part of the world
Women in general, are believed to be the less competent species behind the wheel
And sadly, I concur
I blame it on the genetic makeup


The event was held at the F1 Pit Building
I was initially worried about the heat under the scorching sun
But what greeted us instead was a cool enclosed hall with flashing spotlights and pumping music
It’s like entering a pub in broad day light
The usual motor show girls in short sexy skirts were replaced by motor show hunks in super tight tights
Best is they have ice cream, pop corn and coloring station to entertain the kids
It’s like going to a pub with childcare service


[before the drive]

The potential danger suddenly sank in when I sat behind the wheel
I might have 15 years of driving experience with me but it is my FIRST time pushing a car to its LIMIT
and it is the first time I am doing a car obstacle course in front of a little audience

The closest I get to this was probably racing Daytona in arcade centres and doing the S course during driving lessons eons ago
It suddenly dawned on me that I might end up crashing the car against the barricade

Just the thought of it sets my heart racing
The instructor seated beside me probably sensed my nervousness and assured me that all would be well
He must be paid quite a lot to do this, to put his life in the hands of genetically less capable drivers with absolutely no idea what they are getting into

[I was in the blue car, dodging around the pylons]

The next 15 minutes was mind blowing
It was the first time I had so much excitement driving a car

I floored the accelerator, swerved the car, dodged the pylons and jammed the brake
I was perspiring even with the air conditioning at full blast

My recorded time for the 150m speed run did not turn out too well
I would probably have gotten a  better timing if I had heeded the instructor call to brake the car
But I couldn’t make myself take my foot off the accelerator
I eventually floored the brakes and put the monster to a screeching halt only when I crossed the finish line

[after the drive]

I wasn’t sore about not making it to the top few for the speed run
as to be there, participating was already a record for myself

I was overwhelmed and totally blown away
It was liberating

I love this feeling
It was as if my heart started pumping again
It makes me feel just so….ALIVE !