Thankful December – Week 3, 4 & 5

So here I am beginning 2013 by rounding up 2012 with the things that we are thankful for

Walks that brought us to algaed pond and hungry turtles


Help from small little hands to set up the Christmas tree


Bright and cheery flower that made my day


Simple home made gifts that put a smile on someone’s face


Everything round so that we could make a Christmas present for Dad


7 o’clock for beautfiul sun rise at dawn and romantic sun set at dusk (at least in this part of the world)


Early Christmas dinner with beloved friends


Room in his heart for someone younger and new


A homemade star, though not perfect, completes the tree


Christmas, a time for gathering and gifting to the people who matters


Enjoying the journey because it is not just about the destination


Someone who puts up with my whims and fancy and is always there


Where I walked there is beautiful greenery, warm sunshine and great companion


2012 for a year of personal triumphant. I did my first public running event in July and completed another 3 more running events by end of year


What is ahead that keep us challenged and determined


Resolution for healthier diet and healthier body




A Walk Around Tiong Bahru

I have heard about the string of cafeterias that have sprung up in Tiong Bahru area and have been eager to check them out

We finally did it on a weekday morning during this holiday season

I was planning for a relaxing brunch where we could chill and sip cuppa

But upon reaching, I was charmed by old run down coffee shops and we ended up having the BEST bak kut teh for lunch

those that let you make your own Chinese tea with a little teapot and cups


After lunch, we took a walk around its charming neighbourhood, one of Singapore’s oldest housing estate


peering through old metal grille


and looking down dark hallways


There were traces of Christmas


and last year’s Chinese New Year hasn’t left some yet


And a vintage car that makes it picture perfect


We visited a quaint bookstore and found my toddler’s favoruite book


It’s like a little museum which could keep me mesmerized for hours


and finally we had our cuppa before we left, the traditional type

Looks like we’ll need another trip to check out its trendy cafeterias




A Date At Kampong Buangkok (Part 2)

The village currently houses about 28 families

Some were Chinese but mostly were Malay

We could tell from the paintwork that some of them just had a new coat on not too long ago

There were also a few spooky looking ones which reek of foul stench with roof falling apart

Just when we thought we had toured the village, we discovered a small path that led us to this big old tree standing amongst fallen golden foliage

A bridge that led us to the last few houses at the very end of the village

Here stood the house with the biggest backyard surrounded by wilderness

A friendly Malay man who was visiting the family chatted with us and gave us a history of the place

He then invited us to walk around the backyard

There were nicely potted plants and tall bamboo trees that stood out amongst the wilderness

The fallen leaves were nicely swept in piles and a little swing made from metal scraps hung down from a big old tree

It was a beautfiul sight, serene and peaceful

Generations of children and grand children must had played there

We were told that the kids have grown up and moved out but they still come back during weekends to help sweep up fallen leaves

My husband and I walked around and chatted

We talked about how we want to bring up our kids and the values we want to teach

We talked about the type of childhood we want them to have and how not to get lost along the way

Soon it was time to pick up the kids

And here’s one last picture from an old wardrobe