15 Month Old

At 15 months, he is an avid walker, a fearless climber, a daredevil and a curious explorer

He wears a chipped front tooth and shows signs of terrible twos since he was 6 month old

He drools all the time

On an average day, I change his bib more often than I change his diaper

He has 8 teeth in the front row and 3 huge molars sprouting

I suspect it must be a lot of pain growing those gigantic teeth thus the constant drooling

He is a fussy eater who eats with his hands

What he eats largely depends on his mood

He loves his fruits and leafy greens more than his meat and fish

And is fine with macaroni, spaghetti, noodle or just plain white rice

He loves dogs, cats and birds

And he probably thinks he belongs to the same kind seeing the way he ‘talks’ to them

He loves his books

as much as he loves vacuuming the house

and sweeping up fallen leaves in the park

He is a terror who drives me crazy and wears me out


Be he is so blessed with an enchanting smile

such that when he flashes that toothy grin

my system reboots

my memory wiped out

and I believe again

that he is the sweetest angel ever



His current craze
an ultimate ice-breaker that transcends all barriers
age, language and race
The perfect toy for making new friends

His world is now divided into the Beybladers and the non-Beybladers
He carries with him everywhere he goes
and they speak in Beyblade jargon
It’s amazing

Then I thought perhaps a traditional one that cost less than 1/2 will work as fine
So I dug out an old wooden one
and made my mum lug home another one of solid wood from her China trip
but boy,  I was wrong !
They never evoked 1/2 the amount of interest

I finally learned that it is not a mere spinning top
It is the customizing, the strategizing and the battling that provides endless fun
The assembling and the dressing up of the next invincible top that makes it challenging

A complete system that rides on the surging testosterone of boyhood
How clever !

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My Part Time Cleaner Is Here

It’s amazing how the kids always find things around the house to play

Today my 11 month old decided to yank out the magic mop from the kitchen

and help me clean up the house

It doesn’t bother him at all that his new ‘toy’ doesn’t come with a sticker or logo that says Fisher Price or Little Tikes

My elder son’s favourite toy used to be a hammer for doing craft

and he used to imagine anything that he came upon that is rollable to be a vacuum cleaner


Some frowned, while others freaked out when they see my children play with real tools and not toys

Perhaps these ‘toys’ aren’t educational enough

or they worried that such ‘toys’ might stunt a child’s intellectual development

There are some who went to the extent of believing that the toys their children fiddle with will determine their future professions


Well, I am not too sure

I like to think that

Children should be free to imagine

and at least in this case, I know that my magic mop will not be recalled by the manufacturer for lead paint hazard or choking hazard