A Morning Ride

So my husband bought me a bike for our wedding anniversary last month.
It was a sexy slender yellow cyclocross bike similar to a road bike except you could ride it off road on non technical terrain.

photo 2 (35)
Sometime last year, I wrote about our virgin ride during the OCBC race. Since then we had packed the bikes, returned them to their rightful owners and moved house to half way around the globe.

My biking skills remained as amateurish as a year ago and my biking muscles are as unseasoned and undeveloped as then. I still panic when I brake and worry that I might collapse into a heap with the bicycle and me. I haven’t been riding since then.

The roads here aren’t bike friendly. For the most part, there are no bicycle lanes and the cyclists who ride on the roads look like they are doing the Tour de France. It is really intimidating.

The only place that I ride was around our estate, on the pedestrian pavement.

Then we found a stretch of road with a designated lane for joggers and cyclists. It was a small lane that was part of the road, not the pavement that I am used to. That means I have to keep to my lane, cycle in a straight line and not swerve left and right too much.

For someone who needs half a lane to cycle, this makes me nervous.

I decided to check out the place the other day. After dropping the kids at school, I packed my new bike onto my minivan and drove half an hour to get there.

It was a bright and sunny morning, I found a car park near to the start of the bike lane and spent the next 15 minutes behind the steering wheel, monitoring the traffic that went back and forth between where my car was parked and the bike lane.

You see, to get to the bike lane, I had to ride past the busy traffic, pass a stop sign, which means I had to signal the direction I want to turn while holding onto the bike with one hand. To me, that is scary! Especially if there is a monster truck following right behind me. So there I was, caught in a dilemma, struggling and battling between fear and want.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I hopped off the car. The air was crisp and fresh; it was beautiful, almost too perfect a morning to let it go to waste for not daring. I took a deep breath, mounted the bike, and rode in the car park to warm up those leg muscles. In reality, I was still mustering up my courage to go onto the road. After a ridiculous number of rounds around the car park and in a moment of rashness, I let go of my fear, turned out of the car park and got onto the road.

Before I knew it, I was riding down the bike lane, wind in my face, having the whole world all to myself.

photo 3 (25)


photo 5 (11)
It’s a wonderful feeling to scare yourself once a while.

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The Happiest Run

Last Saturday, I took part in the most colorful run, the ColorVibe Run
Apparently it is a version of the more popular ColorRun which couldn’t make it to this part of the country that I am in now
This one partnered with our local charity and non-profit organization for the event

A group of us, all mothers, stranded in this part of the world because of our husbands’ job
Some of them are taking a break from their career back home, some are like me, a stay at home mom since forever

Our day revolves round kids, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, more cleaning and more cooking
We try to throw in shopping, coffee, a hobby and self maintaninence
but is not often possible especially if the kids are before school going age

Time is a luxury and self maintenance doesn’t equate to spending an afternoon at the hair salon or spa
It has to be something efficient, effective and preferably low budget

Coincidentally we all found jogging
It makes us happy, keeps us in shape and best of all, it’s free

Some, like me, discovered it since they became a mom
Others, still doing it with a toddler strapped in a jogger

A couple of them are trying to get back on track, after milking the young for the last 6 months
then again, those who were already on track, never seem to get better
Maybe because there has never been a need to get better

Then we heard about the run which could probably a motivation for us to be better
We signed ourselves up and called ourselves, MomsDayOut
because mom does need a day out

On a Saturday morning, we dumped the kids with the Dad
Squeezed into a minivan, which by the way, is our trademark, because all of us drive one of this
Unexciting, uninteresting and clumpsy machine
which really doesn’t define us

And sometimes that’s the scary thing about being a mom
We forget who we are, what we aspire to be
We take care of everyone else except ourselves

Yet there is also the wonderful part of finding ourselves and knowing who we really are
It’s complex and it can be surreal

Some had found it, some had forgotten it, some still figuring out

But the group of us
different in many ways
yet so alike at a deeper level

6 countries, mix of cultures, multiples colours, all moms, 1 goal
We signed up to have fun

And we did

photo credit to my Israelis friend

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My Favourite Hideout

It has been a week of endless sorting, packing and clearing
Each night I went to bed thinking that it was the last
Just to wake up to another day of madness again
It was like the scene in Groundhog Day, repeating the day again and again

Keep ? Sell ? Give ? or Throw ?
When this became a ceaseless cycle , it drained the most alert mind
leaving one comatose and drugged

I sat amongst piles of unsorted stuff, staring blankly, with little progress
When I finally broke out of it, I knew exactly what I should do

To drop everything and do as my heart desired

I found myself at my favourite hideout


where stumpy trees and tiny trail led to an enchanted garden

and I sneaked up to this, under the wispy pines where a commemoration waited to commence


and a ginormous tree guarded the gateway

I wondered off the beaten path, digging into unshaven shrubs

and found myself looking out at these tiny sails popping in and out the water, slowly drifting by


This place was beckoning me amidst the madness
And I was glad I came by for a good workout and to bid goodbye

I lugged home more memories to remember by
She’s so gonna be missed



More pictures of my favourite hideout here and here

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