Out and About

It’s difficult to get things done around the house when the baby refuses to sleep or when he only catnap

And thus, I choose to get out of the house whenever I can
It could be a stroll in the park, a bookish time at the library, a frantic rush in the supermarket or a shopping frenzy in town.
I almost never regret going out as I always feel great after that

The only downside to this is the household chores that are piling up at home
but I have learned that saving my sanity takes priority
Chores and everything else can wait

The other day, I went boutique hopping at Haji Lane with my sis while my elder son was in school
Not the perfect place to push a baby stroller with its narrow pavement and stepped walkway with occasion ongoing construction that blocked the way

Luckily I had the baby in the sling and we had a good time checking out shops selling knicks knacks of everything

There are 70s looking shop houses and there are new modern boutiques that are tastefully decorated, showcasing the designers’ unique taste and style

Here’s me and the baby in one of the shops (picture taken with my phone camera) before heading off for some delish homemade ice cream around the corner, a great place to chill out.

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Have you been to the Zoo lately?

The last time I visited Singapore Zoo was when Malcolm was somewhere around 18 months and for my husband, he hasn’t been there since he was a kid.

Even within a short span of 5 years, I find that the place has changed drastically and I think it was a massive improvement.  Sure, it was teeming with tourists, overseas and local. It was bristling with energy and the sights were genuinely interesting.  Even the rain did not get us down. We love the lush green rainforest which really remind us of the wild though the animals were all in captivity and far from being wild and free.

For those who are as new to the zoo as us, here is the plus. Pay $180 for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids (above 3), and you get free entry and even parking anytime for 1 year.  If you really like peeking at animals at night, the zoo + night safari package is $320.  If you can’t decide, take the zoo first.  You can upgrade to the more expensive package at the same cost.  The only downside about the “Friends of the Zoo” program is that you don’t get to enjoy the tram and boat rides on weekend.  They must have had a bad experience of long weekend queues and did away with that privilege.

If you have not been there for as long as my husband, then you may ask,”What tram? What boat?”.  Yes, there is indeed a tram that goes around the zoo in circles and a boat that brings you to the other side of the zoo through Seletar reservoir.  We haven’t tried those so I can’t tell you if they are any good.  One minor detail that you might want to take note of is that neither starts at the entrance of the zoo.  You got to walk and navigate a little bit before hitting the tram/boat stations.  Then you are already almost half way to the other side and you miss all the animals.

If you are like a typical Japanese tourist, you could do the place in double quick time, finishing all the highlights in half a day and taking more photos than you and I have combined in our computers. This would include a traditional breakfast with the orangutans. Like all commercial activities aimed at tourists, Ah Meng Kopi charges 50% more than Killiney cafe..

Besides, I understand that Ah Meng is no longer there so I am not sure if it is still worth it.  All that is left of Ah Meng is apparently this…

With the Friends of the Zoo program,  we can now take our time to explore the area. The program has succeeded, making it more economical and attractive for locals like us to visit the zoo for as many times as we wished within a year. And seeing how efficient and progressive the zoo management is, we might have trouble keeping up with the changes they make there.  No pun intended.  Sincere.  Honest.  They did a good job.  And we felt like we have found a pirate’s secret treasure chest.

Here is the real treasure for Malcolm.  We have heard and read so much about the water park and having finally seen the real thing, we think it is comparable to the one at Legoland in California.  We went prepared for Malcolm.  Bathing suits, towel, change of clothes etc. But it would be even better if we had brought our bathing suits. Great way to keep cool under the blistering sun.

Instead of pictures of a bunch of giraffes munching leaves, these pictures sum up our zoo experience.

Have you been to the zoo lately?  We have, twice, over a weekend.

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We Watched

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Grabbed the pair of complimentary tickets from a friend at the very last minute
On the very same morning, 15 minutes before the show starts !

Sped to destination, still 10 minutes late
It was our first play EVER EVER

He didn’t know what to expect
Neither did I

Love the cheerful and colourful stage
The kids were very spontaneous and responsive

The songs were very catchy
and we just couldn’t stop singing
even after the show ended
[Who’s afraid of
the big bad wolf
the big bad wolf
the big bad wolf] X 2
Tra la la la la

He enjoyed thoroughly
and can’t wait for the next play
So do I

At the end of the play,
He did learn that Boys Should Not Tell Lies
and I secretly wished that he isn’t smart enough to catch the WHYs

that Dad should not be giving his child empty promises
that Dad should be spending more time with his child
that Dad should reflect before reprimanding his child
that the lying was only a symptom, a sign
that he isn’t giving his child enough attention
and Dad should learn to listen

an enjoyable play
and a good way to start the morning
though I think I would rename the play as
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
and The Dad Who Never Listen