Breitling Jet Team In Singapore

The Dad managed to sneak us into Wave House last weekend to catch the Breitling Jet Team (BJT) aerial display

Apart from drooling over timeless watch collection, oogling at stunning models clad in brightly coloured beach wear, we stuffed ourselves silly with free food and drink

And I like to think that catching this event was really for my boys

But the truth is, I am a fanatic myself

Malcolm has been crazy over planes since young

When he was 5, he received his first autographed poster from our local Black Knight team

He slept with it for 2 years till the colours faded

He knows his planes and he knows his Ace pilots of World War 2

His dream is probably to shake hands with Chuck Yeager

and his ambition hasn’t changed since he was 3

Chasing after air shows used to be one of our favourite pastime

Our first encounter with BJT was in 2008 during an airshow in Belgium and it stood out from the rest being the only civilian jet team

It was good to see them again on Saturday though the weather could have been better

The best part of the day for Malcolm was probably getting all 7 autographs on his postcard

and as for me, this has got to be the best

Doesn’t matter that the picture was poorly composed

and that we should have used a DSLR instead of my iphone

and that we all seemed to be smiling at different cameras

and that #7 Gaston was accidentally chopped off from the frame

and that Marcus was cranky and hanging on to the Dad like a koala

and that the lack of ambient light left a lot to be desired

Because I know this day will stay with us for a long long time despite all these



Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. But if Breitling decides to sponsor me a Colt or a Navitimer, I’ll take.



Back On My Feet

So I have not been feeling 100% since the kids started holiday last year

My body always find the perfect time to go on a strike

at my favourite time of the year, beginning of all the merriment


After what seems like a long haitus, I am glad to be back to my weekend routine

It is good to be working the heart and to be drenched in my own sweat

To smell the morning and not feel like a choked up pipe

To be panting and breathless and knowing that I can still go on despite that

On Saturday the Runkeeper recorded 8.66 km and 432 calories

I FINALLY managed to take a picture of this sapling struggling to survive

It was a sunless morning, the sun too weak to break through the clouds

making a perfect backdrop which have otherwise been too glraing

Then on Sunday, I was in time to catch a brief sun rise, before it was engulfed by the thick overcast

The Runkeeper reported 9.98 km and 519 calories


I could have probably gotten fitter spending half the time doing circuits, someone said

Or burn the same amount of calories with half the effort cycling



I am just glad to be back on my feet, running, breathing and adding pictures to my weekend run collection


Note : More pictures from my weekend run



Thankful December – Week 3, 4 & 5

So here I am beginning 2013 by rounding up 2012 with the things that we are thankful for

Walks that brought us to algaed pond and hungry turtles


Help from small little hands to set up the Christmas tree


Bright and cheery flower that made my day


Simple home made gifts that put a smile on someone’s face


Everything round so that we could make a Christmas present for Dad


7 o’clock for beautfiul sun rise at dawn and romantic sun set at dusk (at least in this part of the world)


Early Christmas dinner with beloved friends


Room in his heart for someone younger and new


A homemade star, though not perfect, completes the tree


Christmas, a time for gathering and gifting to the people who matters


Enjoying the journey because it is not just about the destination


Someone who puts up with my whims and fancy and is always there


Where I walked there is beautiful greenery, warm sunshine and great companion


2012 for a year of personal triumphant. I did my first public running event in July and completed another 3 more running events by end of year


What is ahead that keep us challenged and determined


Resolution for healthier diet and healthier body