A Little Something For The Children

Last October, we did a fund raising with the help from friends and readers of this site
We raised enough money to buy some shoes and socks for the 84 children (increased to 96 this year) at Chen Su Lan Methodist Home

This year, with the birth of baby Marcus, life has been a little hectic, crazy and unpredictable
I was a little carried away by the hustle and bustle of life and the daily grind of being a mother of two active and fussy kids

It doesn’t help when the baby’s mood often dictates my activities for the day

I woke up a day after boxing day, realised that Christmas is over
and the year is really nearing an end

There was this sudden fear of beginning a brand new year with  ‘I SHOULD have ….’
the result of procrastination
and you know such things always come back and haunt you, much like jogging

So I woke up in the morning
called up the Home to check whether they would accept some home made cookies for the children

They said yes
but they close at 6

I jotted down the ingredients
Sent my husband off to get them

and with the help of the kids

well, sort of

we baked and decorated enough cookies to go around for the children

We delivered and distributed to some of them whom were around having dinner in the cook house when we arrived

All within a day’s work and perhaps a lesson on giving


Note :
I explained to Malcolm why we are baking cookies for the children and he was quick to put on his Happy Feet t-shirt that we printed for him last year to do the delivery
He was however a bit shy and ended up holding the bags of cookies quietly behind me while I passed them out to the kids

Here’s a picture taken by him before we left

It’s a Christmas tree set up in the cook house by the children and volunteers, made from Vitagen bottles


Coat Hunting Part 2


After salivating over the winter coats from VS (read here), I decided that it is too much of a hassle to order online and go through the international shipping. I need to feel the material, try on the fit and I don’t think I can assume that what looks good on a super model will look good on ME!

Was supposed to go for my lesson the other day, but because of a blunder I made, I ended up shopping.

I tried on 3 coats from Zara. None of them long enough to warm my thighs, but I think I am going to pamper myself with one of these.

I almost bought the 2nd one but it was the last piece and the button came loose. So while the coat is ‘under repair’ now, I have time to reconsider before I collect it next week.

Out of the 3, it is the only one that comes in XS and fit me perfectly.  I also love how the collar can be folded and puffed up which may come in handy in keeping the neck warm.  As for the colour, I think I am a  convert. I have never wear so much BLACK and somber colours in my life before coming to Paris!

Will think about getting a long one later if this proof to be just fashionable and not functionable.

But serioulsy, do they look like PJs or bathrobes ?!


Coat Hunting

Autumn is here and the gloomy rainy weather is getting too cold for my liking. Being a true blue Singaporean, who is very used to my hot tropical weather throughout the year, I will choose humid sweaty heat over dry bone chilling cold ANYTIME. (except maybe when skiing)

With the change in weather, I am so desperately in need of a nice warm coat, not that I have none, just that being a typical woman, it is always good to have new clothes in your wardrobe to go with the season, and it just seem so IMPOSSIBLE to explain this simple logic to my other half.

As much as I love to have nice clothes in my wardrobe, I can be quite lazy when it comes to shopping, I used to ‘steal’ clothes from my sis’s wardrobe as it was so much easier to choose from a narrow down selection where the ‘sieving’ through has been done. But gone were those days and my shopping companion. I am now left pretty much on my own to do the hunt as you can consider the duo in my household as inexistent when it comes to shopping.

So on Saturday, with my duo entertaining each other in the big mall, roller scootering and snacking, I spent a good 5 to 6 hours shopping, purely on coat hunting. I think I searched through every corner of the ZARA and MANGO boutiques, not once but twice! and I couldn’t find anything worthy enough to dump my money. It was so frustrating to think that I had wasted so much time and energy. I ended up with some good summer clothing, more to appease myself and to console myself that it is not such a fruitless day after all.

In an attempt to continue the hunt, I google for ‘winter coat’ over the net and found that most of the online shopping sites were in the States and it is one of those things that I missed about the States, the SHOPPING!

I am so drooling over some of the winter coats from VS. Then again, with figures like theirs, I will look good even with a 10 bucks coat from the market stall!