I Love You More


Mal : ‘Mummy, I love you’

Me : ‘I love you too’

Mal : ‘I love you more!’

Me : ‘I think I love you more’

Mal : ‘NO! I love you MORE!’

‘I LOVE YOU from Paris to Italy to Singapore to Mars to Venus to Uranus to Pluto to Earth to the atmosphere to the Sun to Orion to Halley’s Comet to the Milky Way !!!’

Me : ‘hmmm…..ok’


That’s how a 4 year old define MORE.

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Eating Fish

Malcolm loves to eat fish and has an impeccable ability to separate the bones from the fish. During lunch time yesterday, he decided to share with me how he did it.

Malcolm : ‘Mummy, do you know how I eat fish ?’

Mummy : ‘How ?’

Malcolm : ‘I put the fish in my mouth,

roll it with my tongue and bite it with my teeth.

If the fish is lying horizontal,

I use the front teeth to bite

If the fish is lying vertical,

I use my side and back teeth to bite.

Certain teeth are good at certain things.

If I feel a bone, I will separate it with my tongue

and spit out the bone.’

sep 275_thumb

I figured out that my 4 year old is more patient and careful when it comes to eating fish.

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Simple Words

Last night, we had our usual chit chat session just before going to bed. The lights were off and the candles were lit. Just before Mal started rambling on about his rockets, we decided maybe we should sing some songs for the night. I searched through my mind and realised how limited my karaoke song list was. I ended up singing our wedding song and a folk song I used to sing to him when he was a baby.

I was side lying comfortably on the sofa with Mal sitting close next to me. With just the dim light from the flickering candles, I could see his eyes gazing gently into mine throughout my singing and there were moments I thought I saw him holding back tears.
I told myself maybe it was the light.

When the singing was over, he looked at me lovingly yet with a strange intensity.
In a soft and serious voice, he said
‘Mummy … thank you for singing to me’

These few words melt my heart and I know I love him to bits.