First Ski Lesson

Wengen Day 1- 079

After all the Winter Olympics and penguin skiing videos, Malcolm got really familiar with the sport even though he could barely recall our first ski trip when he was 20 months old.

From the videos, skiing looks deceivingly easy and fun and he would tell me in his most innocent voice that he wants to ski like the penguins. But as if to put things into perspective, I had  to warn him that it is NOT going to be as easy.

I had to be the wet blanket.

On one hand, I may be dying to see my boy put on his skis. On the other hand, there is a part of me that is screaming out for me to hold him back.

Wild thoughts sped through my mind. This wasn’t the first time that such crazy thoughts put me in such a dilemma. It happens each time I let him try new things, something that may cause him hurt  if he isn’t careful.

Times like this makes me feel like cuddling him in my arms, protect him from danger and keep him safe forever. But I need to let go, as if to set him free so that he can spread his wings and experience the many things in life. Many times, I watch with gritted teeth, fearing for the worst. It wasn’t easy.

Malcolm has always been quite timid and careful when it comes to play. Since little, he has this habit of observing other kids play. Sometime he joins in, sometime he doesn’t.  Very often he needs some encouragement and reassurance.

We know that he shunned girls whom are too aggressive and prefer to play picking pebbles and stones than to join in the fighting games.

When he first learned to sit up, whenever he bumped his head on the floor, he would do it again a second time, in slow motion, as if to confirm to himself that THIS REALLY HURTS! It was funny and we were surprised to see him so excited over the ski trip.

Wengen Day 1- 480

He talked about his lesson everyday, he dreamt about it in his sleep and he woke us up EVERYDAY at 6.30, during the trip, for it was TIME TO SKI, when his lesson only starts at 9.45!

We had to ask him to count planes to put himself to sleep cos he just couldn’t stop thinking about skiing. He could barely contain his excitement.

He made friends, he played games, he had yummy snacks, everyone spoke English. It was not hard to see why he enjoyed the lessons so much.

On his last day of lesson, watching him raced down the bunny slope in his skis, swerving and navigating around the cones before making a V-brake with all his might, sent chills down our spines.

It was terrifying. It was nerve wrecking. Half the time, the video ended up filming the snow on the ground for we lost focus each time we anticipated danger. He would flash us his biggest grin. It was all good. It was all in our mind.

And we were beaming with pride when we watched him walked forward to receive his little medals for the race and for completing the 6 days ski lesson.

 Wengen Day 7 - 008


Weekend Biking

Oct 181

I am ambitious and maybe a little unrealistic.

I bought a bicycle a little too heavy and too high for my boy.

I was eager for him to ditch those training wheels which he has been relying on since he was 2.

I can’t wait for him to go on 2 wheels

I can’t wait for him to ride over hurdles

and cross through muddy dirt tracks

and bring mama along for some off road biking fun !

Oct 194


My First Toy in Paris

I had this dream that one day my little boy will pick up skiing, snowboarding or rollerblading and show us all the cool stunts that we never learn how to do. I guess it will be a faraway dream as Mal is a rather careful and timid boy and he will tell you how he is afraid of falling down when we urged him to take up a rollerblading class in East Coast.Last week, we bought him his first toy in Paris. A full size, 2 wheels roller scooter with a really cool helmet! We could have gotten him a 3 wheels one instead but we were afraid that we may end up taking a long time to ‘wean’ him off the 3 wheels and start him on a 2 wheels eventually like how he has gotten so comfortable riding a tricycle that he refused to learn to ride on a 2 wheels bicycle.

So far Daddy and Mal have been scootering around the neighbourhood, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and along Champs Elysee. Here’s a short video clip (which can also be found here) that I just did that took me FOREVER! thanks to window Movie Maker and the price to pay for being a cheapo. It is time like this that I wish for an iBook with its super duper iMovie! Anyway here’s the video, any longer video would KILL me!