Me Time

This year is an exciiting year for me
For the first time, both my boys are in school
Which means, I am getting my daily dose of offically me time

It is a brief one hour or two
I could still remember how I felt on the first day of this new routine
A sense of liberation and relief
I almost felt guilty feeling what I felt

And thought of a friend’s snigger when not too long ago she discovered how I read my morning papers
At the playground, on the slide, my active toddler jumping in the background

With a toddler, a preschooler, a new maid and a new job
She was happy with her new life
not havng to face her children 24/7 and the luxury of having someone to take care of the chores at home
and thought I should have done the same

Choice is a luxury
sometimes a culprit for complicating things
clouding the focus
leaving behind confusion and unfulfillment

It takes a little tenacity
an immunity to chatter and noises
for priority to take the reins and lead the way

It can be exciting and exhilarating
It can be lonely and beautiful

The path is one to tread
the burden is one to bear
and the experience is one to savour

Foolish is the one who tries to judge
For a reflection is probably all one gets

A reminder to myself

Meanwhile, life’s good





New Year Resolution

Every year I get nervous during this time of the year thinking about what my new year resolution should be
Yes, seeing comprehensive to-do-list and goals makes me nervous

I have to admit, I am a typical Singaporean
Peer pressure has its way on me and resisting them takes practice

I realised that it is not through sheer willl power, perseverence or determination but something deeper
An unwavering belief or faith, or some sort

I spent the night before new year’s eve at a 24 hour clinic
Went home with a heavy heart and fell asleep with teary eyes
It could be the pain or just the time of the month when my raging hormones always get the better of me

It was a long night

I realised how tough it is when the body is weary but the mind refuses to rest
All I wanted was to hug my boys and tell them I love them

I finally drifted off to sleep close to dawn

A few hours later, I was woken up by my little fellow’s kick
Miraculously, I felt much better than when I went to sleep
the doctor’s medication had worked
I felt like being given a new lease of life

New Year’s eve was quiet, calm and unhurried
It was a rainy and gloomy day
making 2013 bleak and unhopeful

We stayed home
The kids played, ran, screamed, laughed and fought
I let them
I was just happy to be there, watching them, hugging them, kissing them

Bedtime for them was before the countdown
Just when my husband and I were about to turn in for the night
We heard some loud noise from outside the window

There were brightly lit rockets shooting into the sky
They were flares from nearby ships

It was 12 midnight, a new day, a new year, a new start or just continuation
There was no extravagant hotel stay, loud party or fanciful fireworks

Just us, laying in bed, looking out the window
recounting those days when we would travel all the way to the beach to catch this display during New Year’s Eve
Those were the days when we were young and carefree
How we almost forgotten about them and that we live so close  to these ships now

And I finally drifted off to sleep in his arms, peacefully
Knowing that I want nothing more than having great health for my family, myself and everyone dear
and my new year resolution was made simple




DIY Christmas Ornaments And A Rant

And I had to go crash my car

into someone’s who was literally drinking milk when I mounted my first curb

What luck

He could almost call me mum

and must be thinking that’s how all mums drive

I don’t blame him

I am a sexist driver myself

and I shan’t go there


So it has to happen like now

as in the school holiday

when my redempttion for sanity is to head out (with the car)


I’ve tasted luxury and it has become a necessity



So we can’t go do Christmas shopping

and we can’t go get the tree

We are stuck …. at home

and I reckoned the next best alternative to saving my sanity

is to keep those hands busy


So we made Frosty, Rudy and Santa

And because we don’t want them to end up like us


We give them a car and a rocket

We could probably give them some toys and more

but first, we need more toilet paper rolls

Contribute ? Anyone ?