New Banner

I know it is a bit early to put up a Chinese New Year banner. Christmas just over and since I was so vain to put up a x’mas banner for the site, now I have to change the banner again for Chinese New Year, for consistency. Actually also becos Daddy complaint about not including his pic in the xmas banner. It is really tough to find a decent family pic. Most of the time, the picture is either ME with Mal or Mal with Dad and out of the bunch of family pics that I have, I have to filter out those with 3 of us looking good and that usually left me with less than a handful.

Anyway, It is quite a lot of work to come up with a new banner since I am not a pro nor a very creative person, but I actually enjoy doing it, working my right brain a little. Because it is MY site, I can really do whatever I want 🙂
So I was working on it the whole evening and thanks to Photoshop, a truly amazing powerful tool. There are so many things to learn and explore and I wish I can learn every bit of it, without going through the step by step tutorial. But I guess there ain’t any short cuts. Anyway, here is a peek at my other baby.Now that I am done with the new look, I feel so happy, satisfied and contented! Going to have a blasting good time tomorrow, counting down to 2008!!! Hope you have fun too!


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Christmas Eve

We had a simple dinner celebration at our place on christmas eve. Compared to the many parties and gatherings that we had, this was the most relaxed, least stressful. Maybe because there were 3 of us doing the cooking, me, daddy and ??, further more, the food wasn’t alot. I made chicken wings and cheesecake, Daddy made baked pork chop, salmon cheese spread on crackers and another blue cheese spread which was thrown away cos we simply couldn’t heck the pungent blue cheese smell! and we had salad, lots and lots of fruits for chocolate fondue by ??.

After dinner we gathered around the christmas trees and had loads of fun having each one guess the presents before opening them.

It was a simple, no fuss evening and we were happy to spend this holiday with people we love most.


@ Botanic Garden

Went to Botanic Garden the other day for lunch. While the big people sit and chat at the cafeteria, the kids have fun running around. We entrusted Mal with the camera and of course the kids love it. They took turns to help each other take pictures. We were glad that the camera was still working and intact after that.

my cousinsqing qing and min minand finally….
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