Am Stram Gram

Daddy and Mummy have been practising French at home. Mal has overheard us and surprised me the other day when he blurted ‘ca va bien’ with a big grin on his face! These were his first few french words. Now his french vocab include ‘Bonjour’ and ‘comment ca va?’, not alot but I am quite sure his french will surpass us in no time.
Here’s a french nursery rhyme he has learned from Daddy and it goes like this …

Am stram gram
Pic et pic et
Bourre et bourre et ratatam
Am stram gram

the lyrics really doesn’t make any sense, so don’t bother translating


Baking Time!

a fish cookie for his pet fish, Nina

It is rainy season here in Singapore. Dark clouds looms the sky and it drizzles almost everyday. Our little christmas tree sits in the corner of the living room. Every evening, with the lights turned on, it has the magical power to transform the house into a cozy little nest despite the gloomy weather. The rainy season creates an ambience similar to a cold winter night. We have rain instead of snow! The gaily decorated and brightly lighted christmas tree warms up the house like a fireplace. It reminds me of our christmas in the States. We had our 1st white chrsitmas 2 years back in Aspen high up in the Colorado Mountain range. Last year christmas, it was snowing when we were driving up to Flagstaff.

I love the coziness and warmth brought about by the holiday season, the rain and the cool weather. It puts me in a sharing mood.

We rummaged through the stacks of unpacked boxes in the study room. Dug out piles of baking utensils and recipe books. It is baking time again!


a little update on my French course …

I have finally survived my 1 month French crash course! and guess what…I had signed up for another month of torturing! HA!

The truth is…I actually enjoy going back to school, if u minus off the homework, the test and the horrendous traffic in the morning. I am hoping that at the end of my 2 months course, I am able to converse in a decent conversation, or at least learn enough for me to survive in Paris. Working hard towards the goal and hopefully very soon, when someone comes up to me and ask
‘Vous parle le français?’
I can confidently answer
‘Bien sur!’

Here are some cool friends I made during the course. They are part of the reason for me to continue the course 😉

Natasha, Yuan Yuan, Nicole, Cheri, Ee Lin and our teacher NordineEeLin, Natasha and Cheri

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