Christmas Eve

We had a simple dinner celebration at our place on christmas eve. Compared to the many parties and gatherings that we had, this was the most relaxed, least stressful. Maybe because there were 3 of us doing the cooking, me, daddy and ??, further more, the food wasn’t alot. I made chicken wings and cheesecake, Daddy made baked pork chop, salmon cheese spread on crackers and another blue cheese spread which was thrown away cos we simply couldn’t heck the pungent blue cheese smell! and we had salad, lots and lots of fruits for chocolate fondue by ??.

After dinner we gathered around the christmas trees and had loads of fun having each one guess the presents before opening them.

It was a simple, no fuss evening and we were happy to spend this holiday with people we love most.


@ Botanic Garden

Went to Botanic Garden the other day for lunch. While the big people sit and chat at the cafeteria, the kids have fun running around. We entrusted Mal with the camera and of course the kids love it. They took turns to help each other take pictures. We were glad that the camera was still working and intact after that.

my cousinsqing qing and min minand finally….

Christmas to Remember

This year’s christmas is a little bit special as for the first time, Mal

1. help to write and decorate the christmas cards for his friends.
Mal only knows how to write a handful of alphabets, those in his name. So to make it simpler, instead of using the word ‘christmas’, he wrote ‘x’mas for all his cards. For alphabets which are new to him, I will show him on a separate sheet of paper and he will try to copy them in the card. ‘y’ and ‘s’ were the 2 most challenging alphabets when he wrote the cards. Surprisingly he could do ‘x’ pretty well, but for some of the cards, they look more like ‘t’ than ‘x’. His favourite alphabets were ‘m’ and ‘a’ cos he is pretty good at them now. They were the first 2 letters he learned. Here’s our last year’s christmas cards

he had the most fun decorating the cards with stickers

2. write a christmas card for Santa
he actually wanted to tell Santa how much he enjoying watching his Rudolf Reindeer video but it was too ‘chim’ for him to write. We wrote a simple one instead.3. Makes our first christmas banner
This was made on christmas eve itself. He actually spelt out the word ‘christmas’ this time instead of using ‘x’mas’ and decorating the banner with glitter glue was alot of fun. Even for me. 4. sing a complete christmas song
Jingle Bell is one of them. He actually memorize the lyrics more than the tune. So for some part, he sounds more like reading a book than singing.

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