a little update on my French course …

I have finally survived my 1 month French crash course! and guess what…I had signed up for another month of torturing! HA!

The truth is…I actually enjoy going back to school, if u minus off the homework, the test and the horrendous traffic in the morning. I am hoping that at the end of my 2 months course, I am able to converse in a decent conversation, or at least learn enough for me to survive in Paris. Working hard towards the goal and hopefully very soon, when someone comes up to me and ask
‘Vous parle le français?’
I can confidently answer
‘Bien sur!’

Here are some cool friends I made during the course. They are part of the reason for me to continue the course 😉

Natasha, Yuan Yuan, Nicole, Cheri, Ee Lin and our teacher NordineEeLin, Natasha and Cheri

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@ Singapore Botanic Garden

The last 2 years that we were not around. The Botanic Garden has been refurbished. With the new look and facilities, the garden seems to attract more local visitors now. I have never realised the entrance to the garden along Tanglin Road until recently. Maybe it was there all this while. Botanic Garden is one of those places where I can’t remember the last time I visit before Malcolm comes along. Malcolm seems to open up our eyes to places that we usually take for granted.

So wiith the renovation, now there is a food court in the garden. In Singapore, places with good food usually means more people. The small little carpark at the basement is packed during weekends. I would personally prefer it to be less crowded. But then it would be a pity if after all the renovation, the place only attracts tourists.

a look at how Orchids are cloned. Behind the glass is a controlled environment where cloning takes place. There are 4 sections :
1. Growth Media Preparation Room
2. Transfer Room
3. Shaker Room
4. Culture Room

Mal at the Shaker Room where all the bottles are shaking with Orchid seedlingsSherlin ?? reading Mal his Tornado book at the food court.
Mal took this pic for us 🙂

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Science Lesson in Garden Setting

Thinking of where to bring your kids during the school holiday? Try Jacobs Ballas Children’s Garden, the first Asia children garden. It is located within Botanic Garden and is dedicated to all children of Singapore. Few weeks back, we brought Mal to the garden. He especially loves the playhouse tree with ropes to climb and slides that look rather challenging. A good place to bring your little ones if you are sick of the bustling city. Also a good way to let them learn about plants in a more interactive way.

all about how plants make food
a lot of effort has been put in to make the garden looks and feels natural, take for example this wooden log bridge.and the cave with waterfall
long long ago when people cannot afford flower pots…a picture of Mal with his favourite food, mushroom! rustic shelter for a restwith ??his favourite playhouse tree
heelllllooooooo, anybody there???here I come

this was the fun part, even Mummy was excited, a little suspension bridge.
Mal mustered a lot of courage to walk on his own
Splash parks are getting popular in Singapore. After th long walk around the garden, Mal was happy to get himself all wet. He no longer complained about how small and little the water sprays were.
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