Cookies for Sales

Mal made his first 25 bucks from the cookie sales last weekend around our estate. His interest lasted for 2 hours and after that he was more excited about jumping into the pool for a swim. The event was from 9 am to 2 pm but we were only there from around 10 am to 12 pm. It is actually a lot of work for a mere 2 hours event where Mal had a chance to try out a lot of his FIRSTs. He had a chance to help set up a store, collect $$ from customers, go around soliciting business, introducing to strangers his cookies, learn to accept rejection and I think he was most happy when we told him that he could keep the $$ we made from the cookies sales.
my business kakis
creative store beside ours

Cookies, Anyone?!

We have been busy churning out cookies for this Saturday’s Little Entrepreneurs Christmas Bazaar where Mal will get a chance to run a stall, selling things. Mal and I were so sure that we should be selling cookies, and yes, we shall do that! even though Mummy will probably end up be the one doing most of the stuff.
Mal is all excited about selling our own home made cookies. For the past few days after school, you would either see us rushing to some stores to get more baking stuff or rushing home to make more cookies. So far, we are almost done with the baking and are left with decorations for the gingerbread cookies. Hoping to get everything done by tomorrow so that we can chill out at Borders after school on Friday. It has been more than a week since we went there!


Mal’s Palm Tree

Malcolm drew this the other evening with Daddy. He calls it a palm tree. Not sure why the multicolours but I sure ain’t complaining cos it is a good change from his ‘give him any colour and it will sure end up black’ painting. Oh and he wrote his name! with me reciting each alphabet 🙂

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