Mal’s Palm Tree

Malcolm drew this the other evening with Daddy. He calls it a palm tree. Not sure why the multicolours but I sure ain’t complaining cos it is a good change from his ‘give him any colour and it will sure end up black’ painting. Oh and he wrote his name! with me reciting each alphabet 🙂

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5 Stones

Remember 5 stones? those pyramid shape clothed stones filled with beans? Mal received his first set of 5 stones the other day. ?? had hand sewed a few sets for him. One set to leave at ??’s house, one set to bring home and another set to let Mal give away. Mal was clueless how to play the game and we seem to be the ones having fun playing instead.
Simple and inexpensive, these 5 stones serve their purpose well as toys during our childhood years, cos till today, the rules of the game are still etched in our mind.

this is how Mal play his 5 stones… balance them all on his arm!

Am Stram Gram

Daddy and Mummy have been practising French at home. Mal has overheard us and surprised me the other day when he blurted ‘ca va bien’ with a big grin on his face! These were his first few french words. Now his french vocab include ‘Bonjour’ and ‘comment ca va?’, not alot but I am quite sure his french will surpass us in no time.
Here’s a french nursery rhyme he has learned from Daddy and it goes like this …

Am stram gram
Pic et pic et
Bourre et bourre et ratatam
Am stram gram

the lyrics really doesn’t make any sense, so don’t bother translating

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