Fly Layang

We love hanging out at East Coast during weekends. Last weekend, we found a new activity to do at the beach. Fly kite! Mal tried flying layang (malay for kite) for the first time. Thanks ?? for the kite. Tugging at the string was easy for Mal. It was more hard work for Uncle Eddy who was picking and throwing the kite each time it hits the ground 🙂

what a pose!

The Tree is Up

Halloween is over and since we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We decided to put up the christmas tree as soon as Halloween was over. I was glad that the tree and ornaments still look presentable and intact after being left in the store room for the last 2 years. It was a small tree, much smaller than those we had when we were in US. Sparse leaves, no fresh pine smell, not real. Still, Mal was delighted and I am happy, cos this year, we can finally spend Christmas with our family.
(p/s : will miss the cold weather and the snow at Flagstaff though, guess Mal will too if I show him the video)


Mummy I Am Very Sad

so what was it that made him tear so badly
can you spot the culprit on the floor?


it was this itsy bitsy bug!!!

was at my parents’ place celebrating ??’s 55th birthday when we found this beetle. A pretty common type of beetle found in Singapore. I wasn’t aware of my son’s ‘macho’ side until the moment he picked up the beetle with his bare hands and played with it so gently, one would think it was his long lost pet. He urged us to let him keep the beetle. We agreed. It was a quick and hasty decision. We wasn’t sure what we had gotten ourselves into.

The thought of having a pet made Mal so happy and excited. He hugged his ‘bowl’ (we use one of those take away bowl to put the beetle) the moment we got into the car and even gave the beetle a name. He called it ‘Chloe’, the name of a friend he misses in Phoenix.

Reality set in. We realized that we might have to take back our words. He can’t keep the beetle for the simple reason that we do not know what it eats. We told him that he has to let it go. We could see the disappointment and sadness in his eyes the moment we told him that. He pleaded with us to let him keep the beetle. We agreed and spent hours searching the internet for an answer but to no avail. We found out that there are 350,000 species of beetles out there and they feed on different things. We couldn’t even identify the one that we have, much less its taste in food.

The next morning, we told Mal that he needs to let the beetle go so that it can go find its own food. Our last resort was to try to feed the beetle again, also to convince him. We plucked a small leaf and flower, hoping that the beetle will eat. Our agreement with Mal was, if the beetle does not eat, it has to go.

He watched a while and then burst into tears. He turned to me, choking back tears and said
‘I want to let the beetle go because it is not eating’
He wailed even louder
‘Bye bye beetle. Mummy I am very sad!!’
‘Bye bye beetle!’
I couldn’t hold back my tear too, seeing him so sad.

We were largely at fault…giving him promise that we couldn’t keep.

We decided to buy him a fish to keep as pet…and later that afternoon, ?? got him a colourful fighting fish. So Mal now owns his first pet. He calls it Nina this time, sister of Chloe, even though it was a male fish.

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