Conversation of the Week

Conversation 1
Mummy : Is mummy or ?? older?
Mal : ??
Mummy : How do you know?
Mal : there are stripes on ??’s face.
I think what he meant was wrinkles. wahahah!!!

Conversation 2
I was eating some Japanese snacks brought back from Japan by ??
Mal : Mummy, let me eat. You cannot eat so much
Mummy : why ?
Mal : because you have fat tummy. I can eat because I am still growing.

Conversation 3
Today, we were walking outside Borders at Wheelock Place when we passed by a man afflicted with dwarfism. Mal stopped, fixed his gaze at the man, looked at the man from head to toe, puzzled. He turned to me and asked
Mal : Mummy, why this auntie so short?!
the man was as tall as Mal. I was too shocked and was afraid that the man would hear him. So I ushered Mal away without offering much explanation.
I shall explain to him about dwarfism first thing tomorrow morning.

There’s nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child. ~Frank A. Clark

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Updates on places we went

It was a week before Mal started school, I realized that I gonna miss going out with Mal on a weekday. I will miss going grocery shopping with him in the morning, miss window shopping with him, miss having long breakfast with him at MacDonalds, miss bringing him to places that are too crowded to go on weekends. Miss doing all the fun things with him on a weekday while the rest of the world are working! There was a part of me that dreaded sending him to school.

So what we did was…on the week before his school started, I brought him out almost everyday. We went to the airport, visited Science center, went to West Coast MacDonald to have long breakfast and then hang out at the playground. We go out like there is no tomorrow. I realized once again how lucky I am to be a full time mum.took the sky train in Changi Airport from T1 to T2…then from T2 to T1 again
the viewing mall at T2 was a total let down. The place seem to be forever under construction. We were so disappointed cos we could hardly see any planes from there. It shall be the last place I will bring Mal to see jumbo jets, at least not until the construction is completed.
Mal at West Coast Park playground
Mal trying to cross the bridge. He was apprehensive at first but he soon managed to overcome his fear.
checking out the many exhibits at Science centersee how strong am Iall about lightning and thunder. There were alot of kids from school. Mal was one of the few who visited the science center with mummy. I felt so lucky 🙂
Mal at the not so impressive space and planet exhibit. Make me regret not bringing to a NASA center when we were in US
finally lunch at MacDonald in Science Centerthe water park in Science Center, a much better one than the one at Vivo city, but still far off from the one we used to go at Goodyear Park. Kind of pathetic, even Mal complained that there is too little water
still he managed to find things to entertain himself
a picture before we go…

I don’t really recommend this place for a 3 year old. The last time I visited this place was when I was in primary school or secondary school, can’t remember much details of the place but one thing that hasn’t changed after so many years is…the place is still as ‘gloomy’. The lighting is very dark and dim everywhere, probably for exhibit purposes. It makes the whole place very ‘sad’. Maybe it’s fengshui or just me. Personally I prefer a more colourful and cheerful place. Mal is too young to understand many of the exhibits. The only thing he was interested in and anxious to see was the space and planets display which was located at the same building as Omni theatre (yeah, they still have that after so many years) but it was such a disappointment, many of the display were not working!

a picture with the planet. Take pictures with all 9 planets, situated around the island, send in your pictures to Science Center and you get chance to win 1 year free membership to Science Center and a goodie bag. I was thinking of letting Mal participate and had managed to take pictures with 3 planets on the west side of the island, but after this visit, I think I change my mind.



Halloween is here. For the last 2 years, we had our first stint on Halloween celebration when we were in US. It is a big thing in the States and everyone takes pride in doing up their houses to make them look haunted, errie and scary. Last year, we had a simple pot luck halloween party at our place. The kids came in colourful, cute but ‘not so scary’ costumes as most of them were still babies and toddlers. It was Malcolm first attempt at trick and treating, going around the neighbourhood, knocking on doors, collecting sweets.

In Singapore, few people celebrate Halloween and I won’t be surprised if this year’s halloween turns out to be just another ordinary day since it falls on a weekday. I thought it will be pretty cool to do something with Mal even if means no trick and treating on that day. We started making craft a month before the day, simple decorations to hang at our door. We hand crafted quite a bit of things this year, meant more for killing time at home and to keep us both entertained and occupied. Doing craft work with him definitely beats playing Lego planes with him.

We started trick or treating at Auntie Chweeling’s house, followed by Auntie Marilyn’s house and then more houses around the neighbourhood. For each house we visited, we added a few more kids to the group. By the time we reached the last house, we had more kids than we expected. Each house we went, the kids would chant along Mal’s halloween greeting song.
‘Trick or treats,
Smell my feet,
Give me something
Good to eat!’
We had more fun than we thought, Malcolm collected more sweets than we expected.

Hopefully we don’t get any warning letter from the management for being too noisy and rowdy!here’s some craft for the housethis year we didn’t get Mal any costume, his last year’s chicken costume was too small. We made his treat bag and helmet using paper mache. It was fun and very very economical!mal was the only one with costume

mal and charlene with their scary face
trick or treats
more treats
we missed out the party at clarke quay…heard it was fun.
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