Car Washing

Daddy was feeling hardworking today and decided to give our car a wash! It was bright and sunny outside and Mal was all geared up to help out in the wash. He put on his winter jacket…cos that was the only outfit he had that was water proof! It still had the tag on as he had not wore it before. He was having so much fun and we had never see him having so much joy with any toys!

all geared up to help Daddy
see how happy he looks!
and I can rinsed the cloth just like Daddy
washing car ain’t easy task!these stains are tough!the sun is too glaring! some shades will be good…
see how cool I look in Daddy’s sun glasses
he got distracted…he started picking up pebbles…
and throwing them into the pail of water and hear them go….’thruuummmp’

Bad Fall

This was for sometime back…in case u all get worried…

Mal had a fall in the playground and cut his lower lip. It was a pretty bad cut and there was quite alot of blood. Daddy brought him to the nearby water cooler to have the blood washed off and the cold water also helped to numb his pain. He was having fun playing with the slides and playing with the sand. It was when we were about to leave that he fell down. He was tired and not concentrating on his steps. So Daddy and Mummy were partly to be blamed for not bringing him home earlier!

this was taken on the day of the fall itself…
and this is how the cut looks after his afternoon nap
he sure was a brave boy…as you can still see him smile!
few days after the fall…the cut had developed into an ugly ulcer…in fact…2 painful ulcers
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