Yakult Drink

Remember we used to drink yakult or vitagen when we were young. The asian supermarkets here sell similar kind of drink but of a different brand. These cultured milk drinks supposed to aid in digestion. Mal doesn’t eat fruits, so I guessed giving him some of these drinks will be good. He likes it very much and can finish a bottle within a few seconds. I will mixed some water with the drink as I am afraid it might be too sweet and concentrated for him. Obviously he cannot taste the difference and is still enjoying it as much

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Purple Tulips

Mummy really loves the purple tulips…it was so nice to see them blooms. Mal diligently helps to water the tulips everyday. Too bad the weather is too hot for tulips and very soon all the flowers will wither and die.

New Haircut

Mal’s hair is getting really long. He has phobia going to the barber as he gets frightened by the sound of the shaver. We only brought him to a barber twice when he was very very young. He cried and struggled and we realised that maybe we should cut his hair ourselves. Daddy used to shave his hair back home and even that, we need 3 people to cut his hair. One to cut and 2 to hold him down as he will cry and struggle whenever he hears the sound of the shaver. Ever since we came here, we did not attempt to cut his hair. Did try to bring him to the barber to see Daddy had his hair cut thinking that he is now older and may be more ready…. but still…he cried and clung on to Mummy for dear life.

On a bright sunny afternoon, after he woke up from his afternoon nap, had his lunch and was happy. Mummy brought him to the lawn and put him in a stool and let him put on his new apron. The apron was good as it serve as a distraction. Mummy decided to use a scissors this time. It was Mummy 1st attempt in cutting his hair. It was a success! He was good throughout the whole process and Mummy managed to give him some nice trim. It sure made both of us very proud!

before the cut
though he did not cry…
you can see the fear in his eyes…as Mummy mention ‘haircut’…

after the cut ….
see how the ends tapered to a tail…
chay….it is a piece of cake!
see how relax he looks
now he can make funny facesand smile….

and clap hands and sing song