Little Pianist

This was taken some time back…maybe a month or so…as u can see, I am slow again. It was at a friend’s house who was celebrating her baby’s full month. They have an old piano in the living room and the kids have fun playing the piano. Here’s mal trying his hand on the instrument. Maybe Mummy can learn piano together with him!

pretty mummy with baby Wyonna and Hannah

Egg Beating

With Malcolm around, I have to keep him entertained even when I am trying to cook. I found out that the best way to keep him interested and entertained is to let him join in whatever we are doing. When it comes to cooking, I will ask him to help me with some simple task such as peeling the garlic skin, beat the egg, mix the ingredient…it is normal for him to make a mess but he does get the task done partially, maybe 10%…that ain’t too bad for a start! Most importantly is that it gives me time to do my chores and he is also having fun 🙂

Las Vegas Trip Day 1 (Part 2) – Hoover Dam

We passed by Hoover Dam on the way to LV… it is about 45 minutes from our final destination. It was the 1st time Mummy and Mal saw the dam but wasn’t so for Daddy. Daddy was full of praise for the place thus even before we reached the place, Mummy was already all geared up for photo shoots. As we will not be stopping by the place, Mummy need to get the camera ready and snapped whenever she got chance.

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