Las Vegas Trip Day 1 (Part 1) – MacDonald Hotcake Breakfast

Guess it works…the hotcake breakfast does brighten his day!
Hotcake breakfast on the go….

This is my new shoes for the new year…it’s not easy to find shoes that fit his broad feet

It is first day of Chinese New Year. The night before we had another reunion dinner…this time pot luck at Unlce Ah Kheng’s house. There were a lot of food and we fried some spring rolls and cook a dish of sweet and sour pork. There was also some gambling session and Daddy and Mummy were quick to lose whatever cash we had with us. We left around 10 plus as the next morning we were planning to leave home as early as 730 for our Las Vegas holiday.

We made it! We woke up at 630 and was ready to leave the house at 730 to meet up with the other friends and families who were leaving for the trip as early as us. It is gonna be quite a long drive…4 hours or so before we reached Las Vegas. We set off together…4 cars in a row, with another one joining up later.

After an hour of drive, we decided to stop by MacDonald for breakfast. It was a bad time to stop there as we were joined by a few tour buses loaded with senior citizens. They were visiting LV as well. Looks like MacDonald is not just a breakfast place for kids…

We decided to drive thru instead to get our breakfast. This was the first time we had breakfast in MacDonald since we came here. Same as back home, they had hotcakes in their breakfast menu. We decided to treat Mal to his favourite hotcakes breakfast! It is going to be a long journey for him and we hope this little treat will brighten his day.

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Reunion Dinner at Great Wall Restaurant

what a perfect playground!
mal getting warm up…ready to join the kids
Here’s mal with Cheryl ??

the papparazi team is here

This is Uncle Dina…taken by Auntie Bebe
Uncle Dina helping Mal to cover the other ear…the yum seng party was too loud!
Looks like Mal had some competition here huh!
this very ‘cheena’ background is too precious to miss!
This shot was also taken by Auntie Bebe…so cute!
How can we leave out Hannah ??
Oh finally…in case you all are wondering who is Auntie Bebe….here she is…with her the other half and the ‘golden’ boy and girl…heheh
here’s a wooden ladle borrowed from Baby Luke…seem like mal had someone to share his passion for cooking
the HUNKS ??
oh Daddy is one of the few who wore red..surprise!

all the Mummies

So…the Daddy’s colleagues organised a reunion dinner at this Chinese restaurant. Whao…so this is the first time the ambience of CNY was felt. The restaurant was really ‘cheena’ with all the decorations that were red in colour. It was a 8 course chinese dinner and the food was good enough for a place with so few chinese. All the kids were dressed very approriately for the occasion with very chinese, new year outfit, can’t say so for the adults though…as few of them bother to wear the usual RED color new year clothes. There was a stage and it had became a playground for the kids who were mostly very sociable as they made friends with one another almostly instantly. It is definitely a great way to create the mood for the CNY holidays coming ahead.

Home made CNY goodies

here are all the ingredient for the spring rolls
mal helping out to mash the hard boiled egg
mal helping to taste out the spring roll…seems like not bad….cos he ate!

Chinese new year is around the corner. This is the 1st Chinese New Year that Mummy and Mal is spending away from home. We sure miss home, all the CNY goodies, the CNY decorations cos over here, there is no CNY mood at all except for some new year song played in the asian supermarket. So sad 🙁 Anyway, we had planned for a trip to Las Vegas on 1st day of CNY as there are more asians there and maybe with the lights and casinos…more CNY mood. For the time being, Mummy had decided to make some CNY goodies. With some friends, we made 700 plus of cornflakes cereal snack..and today, Mummy is making some spring rolls…cos Mal loves them, esp the fried ones. Here we are…making our own spring rolls for the first time…while waiting for Daddy to come back from work. It is 2 days before CNY.