Fu Chok ?

There was a pot luck today at one of the girls’ place. I will be preparing a chinese dessert…..fu chok. I did it the night before so that I can chilled it and also Daddy can be around to entertain Mal while I cook. In the morning, I decide to let him try some and I was surprised that he actually ate. He seem to like it so that is good cos this is quite easy to prepare and is good for the skin…will make for him more often 🙂


Thomas and friends Train

I decided to let him open this box of toy given by Uncle Eddy’s mum a few months’ back when we were back home. Malcolm seldom has a chance to open present, he is still young and also we hardly get him present that is wrapped up. With a little help, he finally opened up the box and was quite thrilled by the train sorter that he found inside. He is still not able to do the shape sorter very well but does have fun moving the train around.


Kaya Bread

Since we came here, breakfast had been Sara Lee wheatgrain bread with spread. Compared to back home, the amount of bread we eat here is A LOT. Mal and myself can finish a big loaf of bread in less than a week! Other than peanut butter spread and cheese…recently I had let Mal tried Kaya, those green colour…supposedly with pandan leaves type where we can only find back home He loves it. Normally I would spread the kaya on the bread and fold the bread into half for him. He decided to try to eat the bread like how I did…that is…without folding…so that your teeth can sink right into those sweet and savoury kaya the moment you bite it. See what a mess he had done…trying to eat the bread the way like Mummy. Now I am desperate as the kaya is running out…need to get the recipe so that I can make it myself. So kaya recipe for me…anyone???

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