Having Fun

Nowadays, we spent most of the time in the kitchen. The kitchen is the place that has the most natural light so during day time, it is bright, cheery and warm. It has also become one of his playground. I had pasted a big piece of paper on the wall so that he could do his scribbling and colouring… here he is…playing another new game ‘now u see my hand, now u don’t’

Sleepy Head

These photos were taken after his meal time… I fed him some Gerber biscuit after meal…and Mal seem to relate these biscuits to sleep cos I usually let him eat when I am driving to keep him occupied and very soon he will doze off. You can see him fighting very hard to keep the zzzzzz monster away. He has the habit of mixing food with sleep 🙂

Halloween pail

Nowadays when it is time to bath…I will lure him to the bathroom by asking him where is his halloween pail cos he will play with the pail and his fish and rubber ducky toys every time he bath. So here he is…soaked in the bathtub…playing with his toys.