Full Month Party

Malcolm petting Baby Nicole gently, he really loves babies.

Strike a pose, Metthew ! Doesn’t he look macho ? He’s only 2 month plus !
Baby Gathering (from left : Luke, Matthew, Alexis, Mal, Nicole)
Baby Matthew’s mummy with Mal.

It was baby Junette formal full month party at her house. It was not just a gathering for the adults but for the kids and babies as well. Our government will be very happy if the productivity rate back home is as good as here! Mal seems to be able to mix with the babies better than the older kids.


While Mal was sweeping the lawn area the other day, I let him tried on my MP3 player, where all the high energy songs were played (normally used while jogging to forget about the run) He was fascinated by it and started jerking his knees, moving his body… enjoying the music. Guess it’s a good break from the hard work 🙂

Shoot U !

Malcolm has learnt how to play the shooting game. Usually when we point him with our fingers…in gun point style…and say ‘shoot u’, he will go…’ahhhh’ as if he has been shot. Now he has mastered how to shoot us back. He can use his finger and do the same back to us. So here we are.. having a gun fight at our little dining table in the kitchen.