Malcolm And His Make Believe World

Malcolm loves to read
He reads the first thing in the morning and last thing before he goes to sleep at night
He reads in class in between work
He reads in the car during long rides
and he reads while sobbing, after being punished for misbehaving

Reading calms him down and is his escape to his make believe world
While his friends spend most of their time attending tuition and enrichment lessons, he spends most of his time reading and dreaming

Everyday after he finishes his school work, he gets to read his books and play his toys
He is given much liberty to decide how much he needs to study
But will get an earful from us if his result is less than desired

Going to school is his responsibility, so is knowing his school work
Help will only be rendered if he asks
And he loves school
The worst punishment for him has to be confiscating his books

Though he loves to read, he is fussy with what he reads
He reads what he wants to read, not what his friends read nor what Mom wants him to read
He doesn’t read the Mouse book which all his friends are crazy over and he refuses to touch Wimpy Kid

For a while he was into everything Samurai and Ninja, thanks to Chirs Bradford
He spent his free time racking his brains over the next weapon to make

He managed to churn out some great looking swords and shields with some cardboard and scraps of junk

Then with a glacier rock he picked from the Swiss Alps and a hardy twig he picked from the park, he made the most primitive looking knife and spent many hours trying to sharpen it so that it cuts

Christmas present for his Dad was a dart board complete with 2 darts
It took him a while to figure out how to make a proper dart, one that flies straight, doesn’t rock and sharp enough to pierce through the dart board

I thought it was a pretty cool gift

Then my sister gave him a copy of Rick Riordan’s Serpent Shadow for Christmas
In less than 3 months, he devoured everything Rick Riordan, both the Percy Jackson (8 books) and Kane Chronicles (3 books) series and a couple of others

The books transported him into a world of gods and goddesses and made him forget about his japanese warriors
He refused to start on anything new and insisted on re-reading his favourite chapters

Anything ancient Greek and Roman excites him
So much so that he wanted a birthday party with everything Greek
And I was foolish enough to say yes

I wouldn’t have been so panicky if I was a tad more well versed in Greek Mythology
But the fact is, I am nil, naught, zero

And I was given 2 weeks to prepare
Great !

I finally sat him down the other day because I so needed his help
And he drew me this

A family tree for the Greek Gods and Goddesses
He spend a long time explaining to me the tree
and we spend more hours discussing about the books and the party
It has been our lunch time topic for the past week

Finally after all the brainstorming and discussion, the invites are out
The fate is sealed
There is no turning back
It’s happening in 3 days’ time and hopefully it will be a whole lot of fun

Let’s PARTY !




Playing With Food

I have fussy eaters at home
They eat what they like and they refuse what they don’t like
They developed their individual preference for food before they learned how to walk
Force feeding them with food they don’t like had proven to be futile
And I have since learnt to respect these little people’s taste buds

But I have never given up on introducing new food
because I believe that tastes will evolve and I just have to keep on trying

One fine day, I was suddenly inspired to try something different
I made this for breakfast on a weekday morning

My 3 year old was thrilled to see this on his plate
He ate half the omelette, gobbled the muffin and left a few grapes
I was pleased and thought this may just be the perfect way to entice them to eat what they normally don’t eat

So on Sunday, I put together what was requested, a bicycle and a caterpillar for breakfast

They were blown away
They ate what they like
And left behind the cherry tomatoes and the sticks of asparagus

So it didn’t work
The nicer presentation didn’t fool them into eating what they normally wouldn’t eat

But I had so much fun creating these and watching their expressions that I went on making more crazy breakfasts

When inspiration strikes, they are really simple to make
A slice of bread, a few strands of cheese, a sheet of seaweed and whatever I can find at home

We had an Easter bunny on Easter Sunday, using freshly baked banana oat muffins, 2 thin slices of apples and bits of carrot

Each time, the ‘art’ that was served made them laughed so hard
It was hilarious watching them

In the beginning they find the creation too nice to be eaten but soon got used to ‘destroying’ them
Half the time, they didn’t finish what was served

My verdict is that
This did nothing to change my kids’ eating habits and taste bud
In fact, the portion served was too little compared to what they would normally eat

And if you ask me, they had to learn to be heartless to eat something that was so cute and so painstakingly put together

I’ll stick to the boring way of eating food
But will do this once in a while just so that I can exercise my right brain and indugle myself and teach them a thing or two on creativity



It is frustrating to have a gazillion things swimming in my mind yet nothing comes as I sit here staring blankly at the computer screen on a Tuesday night, the day of the week that I set for myself to churn out something here every week

It is discipline, I have to admit, driven by a passion that wouldn’t have been discovered if not for this blog

Perhaps once a week is too little
Perhaps I should be writing more
But finding time to write has always been a challenge while mothering 2 kids

5 years ago, I wrote a monologue
and it is amazing how it stays relevant to me till today

The unspoken truth is that this blog started off as a space for me to defend, express and justify my choice to give up my job and stay at home

I know, it’s absurd and pathetic
Especially when the choice had been crystal clear to me since Day 1
That no one, not any organisation, deserved me more than my family, my children

Why was there even a doubt ?
Why was there even a need to defend ?

Yet societal expectation and judgement proved to be more powerful and detrimental than anything
I couldn’t escape the confusion and the self doubt

Perhaps the biggest culprit for this inner turmoil could be a deeply rooted insecurity that longed for approval

‘Aren’t you wasting your education?’
‘After all the education that you had gone through, you are choosing what I did 30 years ago, without an education?’

And these questions don’t just come from a generation of uneducated elders but from those who can read, write and are supposedly educated

And it makes me wonder what has education done for us

It seems to me that it has prepared us too well to do the country’s bidding
To fill in the digits, to run the rat race
To do what we were trained for, a lifetime of slogging

How good it is to measure one’s worth by the tangible and the material
And belittle and nullify whatever that is unquantifiable

If education is truly just the learning of how to think
that would have been devastating and disappointing for many, the uneducated and the ‘educated’

I wouldn’t have been so bothered
if not for yet another smart young lady who seems confused and entrapped by her mother’s expectation
and thinks that she should be doing something more with her education and skills other than staying home to take care of her own children

Someone said ‘You should work so that you won’t lose touch with the world and society’
I’ll say ‘Losing touch with the world and society is not as scary as losing touch with yourself’

And I am glad I started writing


P/s : This post is inspired by stories of local mothers who write about why they blog, why they became Full Time Working Mum and Stay At Home Mum


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