It is frustrating to have a gazillion things swimming in my mind yet nothing comes as I sit here staring blankly at the computer screen on a Tuesday night, the day of the week that I set for myself to churn out something here every week

It is discipline, I have to admit, driven by a passion that wouldn’t have been discovered if not for this blog

Perhaps once a week is too little
Perhaps I should be writing more
But finding time to write has always been a challenge while mothering 2 kids

5 years ago, I wrote a monologue
and it is amazing how it stays relevant to me till today

The unspoken truth is that this blog started off as a space for me to defend, express and justify my choice to give up my job and stay at home

I know, it’s absurd and pathetic
Especially when the choice had been crystal clear to me since Day 1
That no one, not any organisation, deserved me more than my family, my children

Why was there even a doubt ?
Why was there even a need to defend ?

Yet societal expectation and judgement proved to be more powerful and detrimental than anything
I couldn’t escape the confusion and the self doubt

Perhaps the biggest culprit for this inner turmoil could be a deeply rooted insecurity that longed for approval

‘Aren’t you wasting your education?’
‘After all the education that you had gone through, you are choosing what I did 30 years ago, without an education?’

And these questions don’t just come from a generation of uneducated elders but from those who can read, write and are supposedly educated

And it makes me wonder what has education done for us

It seems to me that it has prepared us too well to do the country’s bidding
To fill in the digits, to run the rat race
To do what we were trained for, a lifetime of slogging

How good it is to measure one’s worth by the tangible and the material
And belittle and nullify whatever that is unquantifiable

If education is truly just the learning of how to think
that would have been devastating and disappointing for many, the uneducated and the ‘educated’

I wouldn’t have been so bothered
if not for yet another smart young lady who seems confused and entrapped by her mother’s expectation
and thinks that she should be doing something more with her education and skills other than staying home to take care of her own children

Someone said ‘You should work so that you won’t lose touch with the world and society’
I’ll say ‘Losing touch with the world and society is not as scary as losing touch with yourself’

And I am glad I started writing


P/s : This post is inspired by stories of local mothers who write about why they blog, why they became Full Time Working Mum and Stay At Home Mum



Places Green And Beautiful

One has to agree how space is becoming scarce these days in our little garden city

Going out on a weekend can easily turn into a stressful affair

Staying at home might be a better way to recharge after a long hectic work week

Unfortunately, even this doesn’t quite work for a houshold with kids, like mine with 2 active boys

We need  ways to expend their endless energy and bringing them outdoors is the best way

And thankfully somebody had the foresight to retain some of the real jungles while constructing our concrete jungle

We love our country’s nature parks and reservoirs, one of them being Macritchie, where we used to have our school cross country runs

And so much has changed over the decades

Boating and canoeing were not allowed in the past but it is a regular fixture now with wooden boardwalks that snake around the edges of the reservoir

One might have thought that the reservoir water was all murky and dirty

But with the boardwalk now, you could get up close and personal with the emerald green waters and would notice that the water was clear and teeming with life

We counted countless turtles and foot long fishes enjoying the peace

And I wonder to myself what it meant when someone asked whether these places are “kid-friendly”

If it meant being able to push a stroller around

Or having a proper diaper changing room

Or not having to walk and sweat

Or not getting dozens of mosquito bites

Or not having to worry about the kids falling over the edge or into the water

Then no, these places are not “kid-friendly”

But if you could let your hair down

And accept the mud on the kids’ faces

And them sticking their fingers at creepy crawlies on the forest floord

And gazing into canopy green while getting their butt cleaned

And learn a skill or two on falling, tripping and picking themselves up

then yes, these are amongst the best “kid-friendly” places one could find

My boys adore nature, they never get bored

even if it meant having to climb all 373 steps up Bukit Timah hill

Or hiking for hours to get to the Tree Top Walk

They’ve always enjoyed the cool reprieve of the forest,

lapped up the rain drops that fall through the cracks in the thick canopy

And we have always taken the opportunity to teach them a thing or two

about this wondorous and often forgotten world of ours



Note :   Hop over to  URA’s Going Places to find out some other local parents’ favourite haunts




Breitling Jet Team In Singapore

The Dad managed to sneak us into Wave House last weekend to catch the Breitling Jet Team (BJT) aerial display

Apart from drooling over timeless watch collection, oogling at stunning models clad in brightly coloured beach wear, we stuffed ourselves silly with free food and drink

And I like to think that catching this event was really for my boys

But the truth is, I am a fanatic myself

Malcolm has been crazy over planes since young

When he was 5, he received his first autographed poster from our local Black Knight team

He slept with it for 2 years till the colours faded

He knows his planes and he knows his Ace pilots of World War 2

His dream is probably to shake hands with Chuck Yeager

and his ambition hasn’t changed since he was 3

Chasing after air shows used to be one of our favourite pastime

Our first encounter with BJT was in 2008 during an airshow in Belgium and it stood out from the rest being the only civilian jet team

It was good to see them again on Saturday though the weather could have been better

The best part of the day for Malcolm was probably getting all 7 autographs on his postcard

and as for me, this has got to be the best

Doesn’t matter that the picture was poorly composed

and that we should have used a DSLR instead of my iphone

and that we all seemed to be smiling at different cameras

and that #7 Gaston was accidentally chopped off from the frame

and that Marcus was cranky and hanging on to the Dad like a koala

and that the lack of ambient light left a lot to be desired

Because I know this day will stay with us for a long long time despite all these



Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. But if Breitling decides to sponsor me a Colt or a Navitimer, I’ll take.


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