Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

Recycled craft like this makes me happy

I made this the other day

A Christmas wreath made from used toilet paper rolls

A couple of weeks ago, I requested everyone I met to pass me their used toilet paper rolls

I told them I need them for Christmas, they thought I was kidding and weren’t very impressed

But they contributed anyway and within a couple of days, I collected more than what was needed


It’s pretty simple, took me a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon, mostly waiting for the glue to dry

I used a round baking tin, you can use anything round that suit the size you want

I made a total of 3 rings around it,  waited for each ring to dry before arranging the next ring

It might be easier to staple them as the one we glued gave way after a night of hanging on the wall and I fixed it with staples

You could spray paint the toilet paper rolls with your favourite Christmasy colours before working on them

but I like the orginal earthy colour and I decorated it with some paper flowers using my sons’ oragami paper

I can’t believe Christmas is just 1 week away and I am still busy churning out cookies and searching for recipes

Hope you are better prepared than me and here’s wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness this holiday season


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Thankful December – Week 2

Despite my ranting and frustration for being such a dimwit that I drove my car into a kiddo’s car and end up having to spend a little fortune fixing it

I am thankful that the kids weren’t with me when the accident happened and I managed to walk away unscathed which makes it a tad more meaningful writing this week’s Thankful December post

I am thankful that I am here to prepare my kids’ favourite dish


for family whom I can laugh, cry and go crazy with


for blue sky and whimsical clouds and cheery sunshine that clears the gloom and dries the land during this rainy season


for rain that pitter patters on the panes everyday making home a cozy place for snuggling up


for growth from tiny baby to healthy toddler and sensible young boy


for time to write (or type) and a break from mundane chores


for quirky looking trees that delight and inspire me



P/s : Here’s Thankful December Week 1
This is part of Justina’s Thankful Today series



DIY Christmas Ornaments And A Rant

And I had to go crash my car into someone’s who was literally drinking milk when I mounted my first curb.

What luck.

He could almost call me mum and must be thinking that’s how all mums drive.

I don’t blame him, I am a sexist driver myself

and I shan’t go there


So it has to happen like now, as in the school holiday

when my redempttion for sanity is to head out (with the car)


I’ve tasted luxury and it has become a necessity



So we can’t go do Christmas shopping

and we can’t go get the tree

We are stuck …. at home

and I reckoned the next best alternative to saving my sanity

is to keep those hands busy


So we made Frosty, Rudy and Santa

And because we don’t want them to end up like us

We give them a car and a rocket

We could probably give them some toys and more

but first, we need more toilet paper rolls

Contribute ? Anyone ?



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