We love libraries much like we love playgrounds, beaches and the great outdoor

(then again, anywhere is good so long as the kids don’t squabble and get on each other nerves)

They are often left to their own devices in the libraries

They choose their own books while I choose mine (well, mine in the Children’s section)

Once a while I would go armed with a well researched list of recommended books

But usually I don’t

I enjoy taking my time to browse through the shelves

sieving out good books to bring home

More often than not, I would find something delightful

Something unexpectedly beautiful, an award winning book which we have not heard of

It could be  a heartwarming story about a little house

or a lovely book by a brilliant author and illustrator that made me fall in love


that teaches us about sharing the big things and the small things and why we ought not to fight

or one that charms and delights us with the Gift of Nothing

Just the other day, we chanced upon the simplest book that kept us occupied on a rainy day afternoon


From drawing squares to colouring them

From cutting to crumpling to tearing them up

Build a fountain, a bridge, a river or a tall tall mountain

We learned about squares, colours and the many many things that could be built with squares

We learned about simplicity, creativity and the limitless power of imagination


Libraries are like treasure troves

And it’s not all about the finds

because part of the fun really comes from doing the treasure hunt



On A Hot And Sunny Day

The weather has been crazy these days

It’s nearing the end of the year which is usally  rainy and cool, much like other parts of the world with cool autumn weather now

But hell no, it has been insanely hot and humid for the past few days

Days like this made me wish that I am working in some nicely cooled office, oblivous to the blazing heat

It is just not right or we just don’t have the habit of blasiting the aircon throughout the day when we are at home

which really put me in a torment of being kept in a furnace with 2 active boys who are restless, sweaty and grumpy

It is awful and  could easily morphed into something more dreadful, like a volatile, enraged and resentful wife

In an effort to save my sanity,  I grabbed both boys and dumped them at the pool

It was the best thing I did for everyone (including my husband)

They charged

They leapt

They jumped

They rolled and they flipped

the forward style

and then the backward style

landing with big hard splashes

Before scrambling out of the pool and repeat everything again

They could do this over and over again for the next hour or two

Me ? Where ?

Lounging on the deck chair snapping pictures (one of those rare moment where they wouldn’t mind me taking more pictures of them)

and then when they finally had enough

I fed them milo from the vending machine and left over prata

They gobbled everything up, the Indian style


I swear, hot sunny weather has never been this blissful !



Our Date

3 months ago, I took part in my first 15 km run
It was the furthest run I have ever attempted

I grew up with siblings who at some point in their lives, did marathons, carried dumb bells and played sports for the school
When everyone was hooked on clocking distance and building muscles
I was that uninterested sibling who couldn’t be bothered about their inane, insane obsession

Perhaps because I was that small big sister who needn’t worry about losing weight
Exercise was never a big part of my life, jogging was never my forte and remains a constant struggle

I jog occasionally but seldom go beyond a half hour jog and I couldn’t imagine surviving more than 5 km
To sign up for any public running event, be it 5 or 10 km is bravery

The 15 km I did with the Singapore Cancer Society was a breakthrough

After that run, my knee went wonky
I self diagnosed that I could be having this due to poor warm up and cool down
I rested for 1 month and less than a month later, I took part in my first ever half marathon run with the Army

It was a reckless move
I didn’t train and I hadn’t fully recovered from my bad knee
But miraculously I finished the race without collapsing

It was painful and my legs almost went into spasm during the last 2 km
And I can’t imagine how anyone can do double that distance for a full marathon

The truth is, I wouldn’t have completed these 2 race without my husband

He was the one who signed me up as I wasn’t suicidal enough to make such commitment
I couldn’t fathoam the faith he had in me, his belief that I could do it

He ran with me all the way, most of the time trailing a few steps behind, following my pace
He warned me when signs of over exertion and energy depletion show
telling me the what-tos and what-not-tos during the race
He was my nerve soother and moral booster
and it was this mental support that saw me cross the finished line

On race day, my mum came over to babysit the kids
We sneaked out the house during the predawn hours like 2 teenagers going on a secret date

I love the dewey smell at this hour
l love driving with the window down with the wind on my face
I love the stillness on the highway
the unusual quietness of the road that lies under the misty fog

It brought back memories from a long time ago when we were so very young and so madly in love and wouldn’t part till the wee hours

And as crazy as it may sound, I am really looking forward to our next race, our next date, the Adidas King of The Road

It is happening this Sunday, in less than a week’s time
16.8 km
My knee is still not feeling 100 %
The furthest I had clocked since the half marathon was 10 km
I know it will probably be another painful run
but what the heck
I love what I am feeling now

Excitement, fear, anticipation all rolled in one
It keeps my heart pumping
It makes me feel alive (and in love)

So wish me luck !


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