Marcus at 3

My little one turned 3 a couple of weeks ago

He is so totally different from his elder brother that sometime it makes me wonder how could that be so

He is the sociable and adventurous one who loves making new friends and has a natural flair for it

I had stood and watched in wonderment how this little guy does it so smoothly and effortlessly

He would walk up to total strangers (kids), make eye contact, fiddle with his toys or kick a ball, or do whatever he can to get their attention

Usually he would succeed and very soon he would be playing with them like good old friends

I am still amazed at how he figured this out at this age when both my husband and I ain’t the social butterfly sort

He adores his elder brother and had figured out that the best way to get his brother’s attention is to interrupt and irritate him

Once a while they would play nice like this which makes me very pleased


Other times, the naughty chair would be called on to work its spell


He loves his cars and plays with them everyday and was absolutely thrilled when he got a parking garage on his birthday


He has an obsession for anything round and can spin and the letter O was the first alphabet he could read and recognize

For a 3 year old, he can dribble the ball very well and is an expert at balancing himself on moving wheels.

He looks more pro than anyone of us with his well accessorized bike and a backpack stuffed with all his favourite things

He chooses his food but when it comes to food he loves, he attacks them with ferocious bite. He loves anything chocolate


Apart from using the spoon, he is pretty good with his chopsticks

Since he was little, he insisted on using chopsticks to eat his food like everyone else at the dining table

He loves his books though he can’t read them yet

He is a chatty little fellow who remembers his Please and Thank You

He talks a lot and is at the stage of asking endless WHYs

He picked up his fluent Singlish from us and Dr JiaJia, who is without a doubt his idol

I remember how his elder brother went goo gaga meeting Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland when he was this age

Marcus was the same when he bumped into Dr JiaJia

He was totally in awe and speechless

All he could do was admire his idol from the corner of his eye and shyly pose for a picture

Everyday after his elder brother goes to school in the afternoon, we get to spend some time together, just the 2 of us

Sometimes he cooks me lunch


Other times he gets to help out when I cook


When I am not too busy, we would build a plane from step 1


or make a new ramp for his racing cars


During times when my hands are full, he would keep himself busy with gor gor’s toys

Last week, we were at his new school for enrollment

He held on to his teacher’s hand, followed her into the hall, sanitized his own hands along the way, while I watched on from the door

He was so brave and eager, looking all grown up

Here’s him, in his new school uniform.

He insisted on wearing it and refused to take it down after we came home that day

I am really excited for him as it would be the first time he spends time away from me

I can’t wait for him to come back with his stories at school and tell me all the new things he learns

My little guy is growing up fast and it makes me happy, nervous and proud to see him this excited about taking his next big leap at growing up




Prelude To December Rain

It has been raining

the monsoon season seems to have arrived earlier this year

I love the cool and wet weather

December rain, I called it or perhaps November for now, or a prelude

which really is the closest we could get to winter in this part of the world



The drizzle, the glitter, the pitter patter

It’s my favourite time of the year

A time for giving and merrymaking

Sip a hot choc and cuddle up on a cold drizzling night


But this year, a cloud of gloom lurks

Death and illness marred the usual mood

Smearing darkness on gaiety


How strange

this same weather, this same time

that elicits such joy, warmth and hope

could be this grim, cold and bleak


Then a birth story

like a replay of what I once have had

after 42 hours and 2

He is here to say hi to the world


Made me an aunt

And someone a big brother

Spreading joy and laughter

And hopefully, ending this dreary prelude to December Rain


Meet my 3 day old nephew, Baby … cos he hasn’t got a name yet





We love libraries much like we love playgrounds, beaches and the great outdoor

(then again, anywhere is good so long as the kids don’t squabble and get on each other nerves)

They are often left to their own devices in the libraries

They choose their own books while I choose mine (well, mine in the Children’s section)

Once a while I would go armed with a well researched list of recommended books

But usually I don’t

I enjoy taking my time to browse through the shelves

sieving out good books to bring home

More often than not, I would find something delightful

Something unexpectedly beautiful, an award winning book which we have not heard of

It could be  a heartwarming story about a little house

or a lovely book by a brilliant author and illustrator that made me fall in love


that teaches us about sharing the big things and the small things and why we ought not to fight

or one that charms and delights us with the Gift of Nothing

Just the other day, we chanced upon the simplest book that kept us occupied on a rainy day afternoon


From drawing squares to colouring them

From cutting to crumpling to tearing them up

Build a fountain, a bridge, a river or a tall tall mountain

We learned about squares, colours and the many many things that could be built with squares

We learned about simplicity, creativity and the limitless power of imagination


Libraries are like treasure troves

And it’s not all about the finds

because part of the fun really comes from doing the treasure hunt


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