December Bakes

So it all started because of the weather

It was cold and wet, just like winter in temperate countries

And you know how cold winter nights are often linked with fireplace, hot chocolate and aroma from the kitchen

So I admit there is a part of me that like my children to grow up believing in the magic of Christmas

that Santa Claus does exist and lives in the North Pole and would come riding in his sleigh with presents for the good boys and girls

though I have failed miserably as my 8 year old can tell everyone with a straight face that all these are myths

Still, I am all for that perfect family scene every chidren christmas moives or books tries to paint

A warm and fuzzy, toasty and cozy scene of family cuddling up next to the Christmas tree, beside the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and savouring freshly baked cookies

It’s strange how some things we are exposed to since young got edged into us without much logic or rationale

I guess there is a child in everyone who likes to believe in all things beautiful and that the world we live in is all that

I realized I have been subconsciously working at creating that perfect scene every December

And that was how it all got started

Perhaps my boys will grow up remembering December as a month of giving, cuddling up and all things warm and fuzzy, toasty and yummy, which isn’t all that bad

And after shooting all these bakes and putting them together, I realized how much I miss fiddling with my DSLR



Thankful December – Week 1

It has been a busy month packed with baking, crafting and outdoor activities so that the boys who are on school holiday won’t drive me crazy at home and I am totally lagging in writing everything down

But thanks to Justina’s Thankful Today I managed to find inspiration for this post

I am reminded to pause to appreciate the little things and be thankful amidst the busyness

It’s a wonderful feeling and a meaningful way to end the year and to welcome the new year

So join me if you may, for a thankful December

Beginning of a new life on my side of the family


A toddler who cleans his own toys during bath


A boy who loves to read


Light for the kids to learn how to shoot a rocket


A toothless smile that brightens my day


Long talk like this with the Dad


A view through a tube that keeps a toddler entertained while we play a game of badminton



Hey It’s December Already

And this post was meant for last week

My writing inspiration has been dwindling these days and it doesn’t help when the husband had been working especially long hours and it’s the school holiday and everyone in the family had been taking turns to fall sick

It started with my elder boy who came down with a fever and had to miss the last few days of school

Then the bug got me for a week before passing on to my husband and then finally my 3 year old

He had a fever for a few days, lost all appetite and some weight and is still nursing a running nose and cough

He was whiny and clingy which made everyone miserable

Being cooped up at home is the surest way to make any healthy person sick and the sick more sick

So as soon as the fever subsided and when everyone was feeling a little bit better, we fled the coop and headed off to the nearest park

We met a 4 month old goldern retriever pup that looks exactly like the one in their favourite Christmas movie

The kids couldn’t get enough of him and the owner was kind enough to let them play with him

They fed him, scratched him and let him chew on their hands …. eeeewwww !

They cycled, I ran, we chased and then gathered some fallen leaves for this

which really gotten me inspired and set me into the mood

So we came home and my 8 year old built Santa’s north pole 

complete with a cottage, christmas trees, reindeers, a sleigh and a couple of fighter jets

It was a pity that the little one was more interested in wrecking Santa’s home with his jets and missiles

I hastily folded 24 pockets using some old craft paper

and we made our first advent calendar stuffed with sweet treats and activities

a great tool for teaching the little one his 1, 2, 3

Looks like we are all set for the countdown


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