Many years ago
I sat listening to the sermons preached
to the verses shared
songs touching souls
and plays narrating stories
decoding messages for laymen like me

Speak in tongues if you could
Hug the strangers next to you if you would

Bare your soul
Bath in the light
Connect, be touched
and be engulfed

It almost felt like ecstasy
A soothing irony void in the world today

It brings tears
tears of joy
tears of truth
tears of liberation

It reeks of freedom
freedom to love
freedom to trust

Free of judgement
and condemnation

Words heal
Music the universal language
Works in seamless ways
could touch the toughest being
cloud the sharpest mind

An unsuspicious tool to indoctrinate trusting minds
To contort the truth
and warp the faith

A chaste beginning that succumbs
For the same fateful end awaits
when man’s weakness is taunted

May logic and rationale prevail
to wake up the fallacy of it all

Yet, nothing would have changed
for human nature reigns
and perfect fools will rush in
and history will repeat itself
as it always does
since the beginning of time


~ a non follower



Some Kind Of Love

My 8 year old, a somewhat avid hiker

Somewhere between his first hike when he was 4 years old and now

A love blossomed

A love for the nature, for the mountains, or for walking miles

I can’t be sure and neither can he

Perhaps it is the weather high up that makes all things pleasant

Or perhaps it’s the fruit of perseverance that got him hooked

An affinity so real

unveiled in the stories he wrote

Stories of his many hikes

Details that had left us

but had became part of him

He was thrilled by this last minute trip

An enthusiasm so contagious

which gotten me lasted longer than I could

He hiked every single day

There was no time for jet lag

nor time to nurse his sunburnt lip

or his badly swollen blood shot eyes from an unknown allergy

Nothing seems to stop him

Not the pain nor the treacherous terrain

Perhaps too juvenile to comprehend the danger that lurks

But not too long ago

he was this little baby who needed help to go over the smallest hurdle

and a hand to cross the littlest stream

now he checks on Mum just to make sure all is well

[Photo taken during one of our hikes when he was 4 years old]

I am awed, happy and greatly humbled

by this passion he has found at this tender age

The kind of passion that still eludes me



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I am a lousy planner
I don’t write in advance
and I don’t schedule my post

I don’t do drafts or make notes on pretty little notepads
dreaming that the day will come when thoughts will flow
and the story will be weaved

It doesn’t work that way though I wish it does
which explains why I can’t write for a living

It doesn’t help when the memory is failing after 2 kids

Inspiration comes and goes
It needs to be seized
but time is a luxury with kids and chores
and this space goes into hiatus when life gets derailed (such as a last mintue holiday)

As by the time the dishes are done
and the last bedtime story is read
and when time is finally with me

I sit here thinking


Here’s one with the kids at Bachalpsee Lake overlooking the Bernese Alps
It’s our 5th day here and we have been hiking A LOT
The weather has been great and we are all looking like cooked lobster now, slightly peeled

Have great week ahead


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