Elephant Parade

We have been seeing a lot of elephants around the island lately

They were at the zoo, in town and a whole bunch of them at Vivo City

My elder boy couldn’t resist climbing these happy colored elephants

And my toddler couldn’t resist following EVERYTHING his elder brother does

He scrambled

He struggled

He hung on for dear life

I never have to deal with such a monkey when my elder boy was his age

Whatever worked on his elder brother doesn’t seem to work on him now

They were just so different

Whoever says the 2nd child is easier ?

Mine seems to invalidate everything I know about child rearing


Then again, if these elephants were made of stones, I will probably be climbing them too





Feeling Like A Groggy Frog

I have been down with flu for like the longest time
I used to fall sick alot more frequently when I was working
Since I started being a full time mother, the seasonal flu bug seldom has a chance over me
I reckoned it’s less stressful changing diapers than to meet deadline

So it is rather unusual this time round
First it was the stomach flu and then this

My sinuses are all choked up
I wake up in the morning feeling tired even after 10 hours of sleep
I feel like a clogged up toilet

The only thing I can smell is my sticky slimy mucous
Disgusting. Exactly
Worse when you have to down a few tubes of powdered monkey paws each day to help do the unclogging

Traditional Chinese Medicine, some say it works
and desperation drives one to anything

I can’t smell the coffee in the morning
I can’t taste my food
I can’t even smell my burnt toast this morning

Here’s a picture of a tree frog we caught at the zoo the other day

The only thing we could catch since all animals were already in captivity
The boys were intrigued by its very sticky feet and very dry skin
And they found it funny watching the Dad chase after this tiny creature

I wasn’t amused
For once, I thought I understand what it feels like to be one
And I probably sound like one now too


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