Supporting the Green Corridor

Our home used to be a stone throw away from the track
We used to walk on the track in the evening and sit by to catch the morning train zipped by

It was one of those things that we enjoy doing together when Malcolm was little
Watching the 8ish trains chugged by while sipping our morning cuppa at the prata shop

It’s a bliss

Then we moved our home from the west to the east
And we almost never wake up early enough to do the same thing again after Marcus was bron

We learned about the last train
but we missed it

Then we heard about the plan to close down the track
and we knew it was just too easy to miss it too

Procrastination the thief of time
Often gets hold of us
And regret usually follows

So the other day, we finally acted on it

The kids had fun balancing on the pebbled track
though not so much of sweating under the blistering heat

We ended up exploring the flora and fauna in the cooler and shadier vicinity
Pulling weeds and blowing the local ‘dandelion’


Now I wished I had walked the track from end to end

And I know I probably have one last chance to do it this weekend

Unless some good come out from this


Note : The Nature Society (Singapore) proposes to retain the current KTM Railway Land as a Green Corridor after the train operations cease
Here is the full proposal submitted by NSS :  The Green Corridor : A Proposal to Keep the Railway Lands as a Continuous Green Corridor


At Making Sushi

My elder son has been eating a lot of sushi in school lately
They sell them in rolls and according to him, they are easier to eat, which leaves him more time to play during recess time

I have been thinking of learning how to make sushi so that he can pack to school
But I stopped short at adding another item to my to-do-list

Recently my toddler has been very fussy with his food and mealtimes have been nothing but stress
He would spit out his food and refuse anything I cooked
I ended up with a very clingy, fussy, weepy toddler who wants nothing but to attack the ‘food’ under my blouse
It has been very draining and is sapping my energy dry

I was out the other day and was late to rush home to prepare dinner
Instead  I packed some sushi
And guess what
My fussy toddler chomped down the seaweed wrapped cold rice
That was easy, I thought
which gave me another reason why I should really learn how to make sushi

So last weekend, I went to Daiso and grabbed some equipment for making sushi

I was overwhelmed by the various sushi molding makers but ended up choosing the traditional mat after having overheard someone next to me who complained that the mold makers didn’t work for her

I came home and made sushi for my family that night

My first roll was a total mess
The sushi was falling apart
The rice and filling were all in the wrong place

But the boys finished them anyhow
which was an instant morale booster

I ended up making more

After countless attempts and stuffing my face with chunks after chunks of messy sushi rice
I finally churned out something decent…I thought





Dying Away

So we noticed that the praying mantis wasn’t looking quite well shortly after we came back from our trip
There were some spots and discoloration on its body
Thinking that it might be shedding old skin
(yes, we read that praying mantis do renew their coats when they grow bigger)
we told Malcolm that it should be fine

Days went by but the praying mantis seemed to have grown weaker
It didn’t move as much and very often never finished its food
It would still attack its prey with vigor but could only finish part of its hunt

Then a few days ago we came home and found it lying on its back
One of its legs was missing
It could have lost it to the crickets while battling with them

We were sadden by the sight of it
That night we let it stay out of its cage and it sleeps on the TV console
We tried feeding him bits of raw meat from a tweezer
but it barely ate

Then we tried feeding live cricket
It grabbed hold of its prey tight and started eating
We were happy
It seemed to have regain its ferocious self
We were relieved

But things weren’t as good as we thought

The next morning we found the praying mantis lying motionless
The cricket was dead but was left almost untouched
The praying mantis barely ate it

With its legs all curled up, the little creature lay motionless in Malcolm’s hands
Its body had lost its vibrant green and had turned yellowish
Its legs were barely moving
But the tiny movement of its mouth was a sign that it was still alive

For a long while, Malcolm held his little friend in his hands
gently stroking its body and softly calling it
It was a depressing sight
I knew he was desperately hoping that his little friend could sprung back to life

But the truth was
his little green friend was shriveling and slowly dying away



We took him out from school that day
Instead it was a day where he learned about grief and sorrow, life and death


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