Naughty Corner

So I remember vividly how my toddler showed signs of terrible 2 when he was barely a year old

We would usually give him a stern ‘NO’ when he does something he isn’t supposed to do
Instead of backing off and stop
He would flash us his cheekiest grin and cutest chuckle
treating our disapproval as some kind of joke or a start to some kind of fun game

Marcus started testing his boundaries at a very tender age
and he is just so….happy-go-lucky, if that’s how to describe

It can get frustrating, putting our patience to great test
He was SO NOT LIKE his elder brother

I have to admit that his cute grin and chuckle does work
and he does get his way
until recently when we started using the naughty corner

Even so, it wasn’t easy
Because 5 minutes later when I came back

He had hid behind the drapes
pulled up the basket of books
and happily ‘reading’ them

I didn’t know how to continue with the punishment after that


Sushi Snack Box

I have been packing sushi for my elder son to bring to school lately
They are simple sushi rolled with seaweed
Nothing fanciful or anything close to those pretty bento set I’ve seen some mummies made for their kids

I don’t think I’ll ever get creative and skilful enough to patiently knead each rice ball to some life like characters
And I reckoned that any effort to entice my 7 year old to eat the food he doesn’t touch would be in vain
He has a discerning taste bud and his mind seldom waivers

So he ends up getting the same old tuna sushi in his snack box
and he seems happy with that

Having said that, I do get a little sick with eating tuna sushi and secretly wish that I could convince my son to change his mind about some food in his ‘forbidden list’

It wasn’t very encouraging when the last time I added some cucumber into his sushi, he brought his snack box home, almost untouched

I decided to give it another try the other day
This time, to sneak in some avocado into his sushi
It would be great if he eats avocado, the natural wholesome food loaded with vitamins that the body needs

So I secretly mixed in some avocado into his tuna sushi
And just when I was about to pack everything into his box, he came into the kitchen and spotted the suspicious mustard green

He scanned through my kitchen top and was in total dismay when he found out that I had added avocado

We went into this whole argument about why he should eat the sushi with avocado
At one point I was quite sure that the sushi would go into the bin
but he relented and finally agreed that he would bring them to school anyway

I was expecting him to come home with the sushi untouched
Or maybe he would give all to his friends
Or worst he may just throw them away like how I used to toss my half boiled eggs into the bin when my mum wasn’t looking

That evening he came home with one sushi left in his box
He had gave one to his friend and ate the rest
So now he thinks that the taste of avocado isn’t all that bad afterall

I think my effort is paying off

Maybe I should give bento set a shot


Trick Bag Of A Single Mum

Weekends get kind of dreadful when the husband isn’t around
I have to admit that it is not easy keeping upĀ  with 2 active and energetic boys

Unlike weekdays when one is in school and I get to nap in the afternoon with my toddler
During weekends, I have to find ways to keep both entertained round the clock

Here’s what I think you can do if you ever run into a single mum situation like me

1. Invest in a Bubble Sabre

There is something magical about bubbles
Even my 7 year old can’t get enough of them

I found these Bubble Sabres at Toy r Us
No batteries, no blowing and no messy mess
Just swinging and you get more bubbles than your usual bubble making toys

It is one of those activities that I get both of them play in harmony
One happy to make bubbles
the other happy to chase them
and you get lots of passing kids happy to join in

2. Fly a kite

It doesn’t matter if the kite is twice their size
or they end up ‘running’ the kite instead of flying it

Given time, they’ll figure out
while you sit and rest your feet

3. Into the pool with lots of pool toys

This will be easier if you can find a pool shallow enough for both kids
We went to a 1.2 m pool, so for this, I don’t really get to rest because my toddler still can’t swim

But a dip in the pool usually help to ease away the tension and refreshes the body
and my younger one usually sleep better after all the splashing
sometimes even before I get to wash him up

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned
Instead of swimming, the boys found a ball in the tennis court

We ended up throwing balls
running around in the tennis court
playing hantam bola in our swim suits

I’ve learned to fret less
and take cures from the kids

5. Stun them with extreme sports

I brought them to the skate park
And my younger one was just awed by all the moving wheels around him
It is easier to keep him still when he is stunned

So letting them sit at the edge of a bowl and watch the daredevils do their stunts is one way to keep them very entertained

6. Keep it simple

Nothing beats being close to nature
So go to the park, lay a mat and just watch them run


I am not too sure if practice does make it easier for a single mum
but I am quite sure having a good night rest helps
and a fridge well stocked with energy drinks will come in handy


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