20 Month Old

My little monster is 20 month old

He is at an age

where anything and everything

fascinates and could catch his eye

Apart from doodling and flipping his brother’s books

he loves all things round

whether they spin or they bounce

from Beyblades to giant wheels

from toy cars to tennis balls

he loves and wants to grab them all

usually a tad more than his little hands would permit

and when a toy falls from his tiny grip

he would throw a fit

Yes, this guy has a foul temper and we wonder from whom he inherited it

And like most boys his age, he has his share of mischief scars

A broken front tooth and the remnants of a gash above his right eye

The latter was the result of a very bad fall

occurred not while running or jumping or climbing

but when he was simply walking

Yet the best way to make him happy

is to give him space and let him run

to where you find flowers, trees, birds, and bumble bees

and rocks and pebbles, mountains and streams

All these make him very glee

because each and every thing

is something new to see

even if it’s just hanging out with his favorite brother

and mimic all that the older one can venture

sometimes he will watch the world goes by

with his hands behind his back

or sometimes carrying a pack

but almost never just sitting back

Instead he will babble non-stop

with vowel-less mono-syllabic talk

where a train becomes a ‘ain’

and a car becomes a ‘ar’

Or sometimes he will just walk

with hiking stick or not

so much that we wonder when he will stop

perhaps to hold a tiny friend

or to spread the seeds of life

or just to say hi to a passing dog

to whom he will just say “og, og, og”


Yes, he is 20 months old today

and how time flies with just a bat of an eye



Ownership and Responsibility

So we gave in to his request and let him keep the praying mantis
We got my parents to help take care of it when we were away for 2 weeks

Instead of hunting for bugs and creepy crawlers
my parents did the smarter thing
they bought crickets from the aquarium stall in the wet market to feed it

The little guy had instant food packed in a takeaway container for 2 weeks
He ate well and grown bigger

Now back at our home, I am not very keen to be the one taking care of this new member to the family

We had a talk with Malcolm and decided that he will be responsible to feed and clean up his little green friend’s home

We explained to him how boring it is to be locked up all day so he has to play with his friend regularly

He seems happy to do anything so long as he gets to keep the praying mantis

So the deal is
He takes care of his pet, he gets to keep it
If not, the praying mantis goes free


The Aftermath

So the 2 weeks of adventure left me with more than just memories
I came back several tones darker
and it isn’t so bad if they are nice even golden tan like those worn by FHM’s bikini babes
Mine are not

They are patches of uneven tone here, there and everywhere
All thanks to poor sun screening and the cruel reality of aging

In a desperate attempt to salvage myself
I popped by the cosmetic counter the other day
Something I don’t usually do

It was easy to cave in to persuasion and lure when one is weak and desperate
I came home with a whole range of products that matched my current skin tone
and promised a flawless visage

Now that I am fully armed
I realized that it takes more than just burning holes in the pocket to master this centuries old art of masking

To harbour any hope of reversing nature’s law is just wishful thinking


Being a woman is a terribly tough job

Some do this everyday

There are indeed no ugly women, only lazy ones

Given a choice,  I’ll be a man any day



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