Afternoon Off

On Monday, my boy complained over lunch that school wasn’t fun. His teacher was not around, the class was splitted into smaller groups, they were told to join other classes. He was one of the 4 students who joined an older group.

I believed that he wasn’t enjoying and it bothered him enough to tell me. So, the only natural thing for me to do was, to grant him the afternoon off.

Instead, we baked.

We mix, we stir, we mould.

Oct 074

We did craft,

We cut, we paint, we glue

Oct 147

We gave his hair a much needed trim,

after loads of bargaining and negotiation.

Oct 153

and we ended the day with

a box full of yummlicious oatmeal cookies,

Oct 140

a french stealthy raptor ?

Oct 162

a much neater Malcolm

and a very shack out ME !


Woking with Daddy

Malcolm loves hanging out with Daddy. Given a choice I think he will rather have Daddy stays home with him and Mummy goes to work simply because Daddy is more fun.

Daddy plays lego planes with him, Daddy roller scooters with him, Daddy says it’s ok to get all dirty and skips the bathe. The kitchen is another playground for the duo at home. When Mummy is too tired to cook, the 2 of them will be more than happy to take over the kitchen. Other than setting up the dinner table and serving rice, Mal has now upgraded to washing rice and woking at the stove. This is what they whipped up the other day.