Hi, Good Morning !

And Malcolm got it wrong
So did my husband

It’s a BOY !

a boy to practise kong fu kicks with Malcolm
a boy to take over his little pants and shirts
a boy to share his Lego toys

and I wonder how he will look
another Malcolm’-look-alike ?
who is really a carbon copy of me
and what shall we call him ?
what about this site ?

I am so thrilled
I am so excited


On Our Own

Just a day before my husband was back. Malcolm and I officially moved into our new place, a rented apartment in the east near our favourite hangouts. Unpacking 60 boxes was an exhausting task. it took me days. I would travel to my new place with my mum and Mal and start cleaning, mopping, unpacking and organising. By the end of the day, which normal ends around 9 plus in the night, my eyes were literally seeing stars. My brain shut down, my reflexes retarded. I would stare at the same pile of mess sprawled on the floor for at least a good 15 minutes or so before I could finally figure out where to put them. I was obviously conked out.

We had the kitchen, Mal’s bedroom and the study area set up before my husband came back. The bigger furnitures such as our master bed, sofa, dining tables and chairs will take another week to arrive.There is still no internet connection and I am tapping on my estate’s free wireless network to write this. The signal is weak from our unit, but it works.

In the living room, we have an old bean bag, a few cushions, some of Mal’s little table and chairs for us to sit down for meals. The apartment is still empty and bare and it will probably take another month or so for us to settle in.

Still, I am relief to finally have our own roof.

Maybe I am too used to life with just the 3 of us or perhaps I am just a control freak who wants things to be done my way. I seriously think we can function better given our own personal space. No doubt, living on our own means less time for me to laze around as I have to do everything myself. There is no one to help out and there is less time for me to slack. But I seriously think all these responsiblities is not only good for me but for Malcolm, who is watching me all the time. I believe it is easier for me to teach him values and responsibilites if I practise it myself.

Malcolm is back to eating his meals, on his own, at the table with us, without the TV on. He is back to sleeping at his desginated bed time and is more willing to carry out his daily task. There is less struggle, less whinning and less tantrum throwing.

Sticking to our usual breakfast seems more possible now and we are back to our Rolled Oat Porridge with Honey, Peanut Butter Jam with Wholemeal Bread and Cocoa Cereal with Milk breakfast.

Nothing fanciful, perhaps even a little bit bland for most people but seriously, I don’t think I will ever want to trade our privacy, personal space and preferred lifestyle for ANYTHING, not even if it means less work for me.


Kaya Glorious Kaya

We swore never to do it again

But our memories too short

Our mind too frail

We had forgotten how laborious the task was

1 kg of sugar

3 pint of coconut milk

18 eggs

6 hours of monotonous stirring

It was painful

It was sinful

But it tasted so good

the texture was simply puuurfect

We were proud

Malcolm was delighted

for this is his favourite spread for bread

Nutella can only come second

Nov 663

and of course

he had to lick every  single pandan leaves dry

when we fished them out from the pot


3 eggs

2 egg yolks

150g sugar

250ml coconut milk

4 pandan leaves


1. Blend eggs and yolks together

2. Stir in sugar until dissolved

3. Combine coconut milk and mix well

4. Add pandan leaves

5. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, till desired consistency

6. Cool and bottle