White Chrysanthemum

I was busy preparing for the party

my mind racing through my to-do-list

I had forgotten about the flowers.

I could do without the flowers

But it was such a special occasion



So I send my duo for the mission.

I specifically listed a few options for the bigger one to choose from

As if to empower the smaller one with a bigger responsibility

I turned to him and said

‘Make sure you help to choose the nicest flowers for Daddy, ok? ‘


Half an hour or so later, they came back.

When I saw what they had gotten

My jaw dropped

I was shocked

I stood there in disbelief

I had forgotten to tell them the color !!!

and I wonder if it is just me ?!


Chinese New Year, duh ?!


And of course, Paris is bathing in a sea of RED, not because anyone bothers about Chinese New Year but because everyone is frenzied over the annual winter sales!

But the fact is, CNY is less than a week away. I could feel the festivity each time I call home.

Mum is busy making kueh kueh,  sis is giving the new old house a new coat of paint, dad is stocking up on new year goodies., the buzz in Chinatown, the over night market…I MISS HOME already !

So as if to get into the groove of things, I decided to spring clean our house.

I scrubbed, I washed, I mopped, going down on all fours. Yes, some part of me still lives in the 70s.

I did the laundry, folded the clothes, hung up new laundry.

Mal helped to fold his clothes, arranged them in his drawers and insisted on doing it HIS WAY.

He was anxious to show me his ‘easier’ way of folding clothes and of course I let him.

Next, he went around wiping tables, chairs and all the visible tops and corners with this little blue cloth.

He climbed onto the table, jumped onto chairs. Ran in the bathroom and out with his watering can for rinsing his own cloth and then happily exclaimed

‘Look Mummy, see how well I can clean!’ He was having so much fun. He absolutely LOVES IT!

By the time my husband reached home, I was totally exhausted. The house was squeaky clean except maybe for Mal’s drawers.

I think we’ve just found the momentum to kick start the Chinese New Year celebration.


Busy Week

It has been a very busy and tiring week. The flu bug had struck and for the last 2 weeks, my family members took turns to fall sick. I have been suffering from bout of sore throat, coughing and runny nose since last Saturday. Luckily Mal was spared from the vicious virus. I had to make a conscious effort to keep a distance from him so that I won’t pass it on to him. Not to share cutlery, not to sleep too near him, turn on the fan instead of air con when we sleep so that the room is well ventilated, no kissing esp on the lips etc. But ultimately, I think it was the vitamin supplements that he has been chewing on every morning that helps.

It was one of those times when you feel too sick to get out the house but yet not so sick as to be bed ridden. With a little push and A LOT of effort, I managed to drag my tired self out of the house and do the things that ought to be done.

I surprised myself at how much my sick body can achieved!

Tuesday we attended ??(ren ri) celebration at Mal’s school, with all his teachers and friends. It is the birthday for everyone and it is the time for Lou Hei for prosperity and Mee Sua for longevity.Wednesday – we celebrated valentine’s day with lunch and flowers, yeah just me and mal. oh and Mal ‘conquered’ the Bugis fountain! He finally mustered enough courage to walk through the fountain but was totally drenched when the water suddenly shoot up. After that, he was running around the fountain wildly, something he will not do normally.
Mal is a rather careful or I should say timid boy. For new things that he has never tried before, he will choose to stand at the side to watch and observe when the other kids are in action. So I was overjoyed when he finally have the courage to run into the fountain and get himself wet. It was an achievement for my boy 🙂 Too bad I did not bring out my camera with me.

Thursday – we prayed to the sky deity during midnightFriday – we went to the preview for Singapore Airshow 2008
Saturday – we attended our first ever Chingay 2008 at Padang!

It sure was a tiring week for me and a very eventful one for Mal.