White Chrysanthemum

I was busy preparing for the party

my mind racing through my to-do-list

I had forgotten about the flowers.

I could do without the flowers

But it was such a special occasion



So I send my duo for the mission.

I specifically listed a few options for the bigger one to choose from

As if to empower the smaller one with a bigger responsibility

I turned to him and said

‘Make sure you help to choose the nicest flowers for Daddy, ok? ‘


Half an hour or so later, they came back.

When I saw what they had gotten

My jaw dropped

I was shocked

I stood there in disbelief

I had forgotten to tell them the color !!!

and I wonder if it is just me ?!


Wearing Red

We had a reunion dinner gathering at our place on Chinese New Year’s eve. We dressed up the house to the nines and cooked up a storm. I even had Mal put  on his traditional Chinese outfit to match the festivity mood but somehow I had forgotten about myself. I wanted to put on something  RED.

Every year, I would scorn at my mum’s superstitious beliefs on the DOs and DON’Ts on this day. Now, I realize how much I have taken to her bizarre customs. I can’t believe how much I am behaving like her. I guess I am after all my mother’s daughter.

So of course my mum used to make us wear RED on this big day. But the fact is, my wardrobe is loaded with solemn black and earthy colors of every shades. I have NOTHING  bright and cheerful, much less ching chong RED.

Then I caught a glimpse of red in the remote corner of my closet, something still wrapped in the cellophane bag, something I brought over hoping to give as souvenir.

I couldn’t care less.  I ripped it open and donned it on. I knew that was the closest I could get.


I ended up looking more like a kebaya girl.


Eight Treasure Tea (Ba Bao Cha)

My father in law made this tea during Chinese New Year. It tastes sooo good and I crowned it the PERFECT drink for this new year as it aids digestion, reduces body heat and relieves fatigue. Everything I need this new year after stuffing myself with so much oily and heaty food.

The 8 treasures in this tea are
– dried longan
– wolfberries
– red dates
– rock sugar
– tea leaves (as per your preference)
– dried raisins
– ginseng slice
– chrysanthemum

Just add hot boiling water to the above, let it simmer and VOILA! you get this refreshing, thirst quenching, delightful and mildly sweet drink.

If you are trying to impress someone of the older generation, like how I impressed my mum, I bet you will never go wrong with this one!
Mal loves it so much that he down 2 cups of the drink and asked for the 3rd one when we were in my parent in laws’ place!