I blame it on the phone calls

I blame it on my Mum’s exemplary example

I blame it on my feeble mind

I blame it on Malcolm’s enthusiasm

Jan 503

I succumbed to temptation

I gave in to cravings




and we baked THESE

Jan 529


Jan 710

and THESE with sugar sprinkle

Jan 584

Did I say I need to jog ?!

I think I just set myself up !



Museli Cookies

We used to baked cookies more often when we were back home and when we were in the States. Things get tricky here when you have to figure out which is which and what is what, even for the most basic baking ingredient. It is like having a completely different metric system.

Take for instant, instead of plain flour, self raising flour or cake flour, the flour is given a TYPE number which creates the whole confusion. NO NAME or whatsoever, just a NUMBER. Who¬† on earth will know what this number stands for, unless I am born and breed in this country, or maybe if I was born a french farmer’s daughter.

I finally got it figured out after reading David Lebovitz’s blog. And with my new old handheld mixer that I managed to squeeze inside my 20 kg baggage during my recent trip back to Singapore, we can now bake our own cookies, without breaking my arm, creaming the butter. They do sell handheld mixer here, but they cost me more than 20 EUR when I got mine at USD 5 !

We baked some museli cookies the other day and they tasted sooo good, maybe because we were deprived for too long, we finished up the box within 2 days and thus we are baking it again this morning. Malcolm can’t wait. He is helping to get things ready in the kitchen while I type this!

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty, here is the recipe. ENJOY !

Oct 083_thumb[4]

125g butter
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 cup castor sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup plain raising flour (I used TYPE 55 from Monoprix)
1 1/2 cup museli
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1. cream butter, essence, sugar and egg until light and fluffy
2. mix in flour and baking soda
3. stir in museli
4. roll mixture into a ball. Place on greased cookie sheet
5. repeat, allowing abt 4 cm between crisps
6. bake in 375 F oven for abt 15 minutes or until lightly browned

Bake 40


Cookies, Anyone?!

We have been busy churning out cookies for this Saturday’s Little Entrepreneurs Christmas Bazaar where Mal will get a chance to run a stall, selling things. Mal and I were so sure that we should be selling cookies, and yes, we shall do that! even though Mummy will probably end up be the one doing most of the stuff.
Mal is all excited about selling our own home made cookies. For the past few days after school, you would either see us rushing to some stores to get more baking stuff or rushing home to make more cookies. So far, we are almost done with the baking and are left with decorations for the gingerbread cookies. Hoping to get everything done by tomorrow so that we can chill out at Borders after school on Friday. It has been more than a week since we went there!