I Can Bring You To The Moon

He called these his latest invention

Air and space craft engines
that can bring Mama to the moon
to space, to Pluto, to Orion and even underwater

They can travel faster than the speed of sound
and even faster than the speed of light
To be exact
they can travel 3 X the speed of light
and if speed of light is 2 X the speed of sound
that will make these engines travel at 6 X the speed of sound

These engines can be fueled by ANYTHING
Metal, plastic, paper, water, air, solar, concrete, peanut butter and jam

First you stuff these rubbish into the fuel tank
then you grind it
then you turn on the engine
set to full power
a liquid call ‘EZABENE’ will be pumped
to turn the rubbish into gas
that will not pollute the air

and OFF WE GO !


Just before we left for our holiday, we made a trip to the library to return some books, which turned out to be an unexpected Halloween party. We were unprepared and not to mentioned ‘undressed’ for the party. Kids came with cute, colourful, scary costumes. It was fun just watching the creativity these kids displayed through their costumes and this is about the only place in France, one gets to see this, as it is not common practice in France to celebrate Halloween.

I felt bad that Mal was without a costume and I could sense his disappointment. So when I asked him what he wants to be if he has a costume, he was quick to say, a PUMPKIN! Hmmm…and I just posed myself the biggest challenge!

To churn out a PUMPKIN costume in 15 minutes ! Any idea how ?! I never work my brain this hard !

And thanks to the librarian, I managed to borrowed some ORANGE papers. I scribbled a scary face on the paper with black ink, borrowed a cloth peg found lying on the computer desk and clipped the sheet on Mal’s shirt. TAADA! His ‘PUMPKIN’ costume.

Next, I folded a paper box, using the ORANGE paper, and TAADA ! we had a Treat Bag.

All in less than 15 minutes!

and I was surprised how this simple accessories made Mal so contented and happy and he was all ready for Trick or Treat and the party! He had a great time.

and I was taught very incidentally by my 4 year old,

Don”t sweat over the small stuff and be happy with the simple things in life.

2007 Halloween

2006 Halloween

2005 Halloween