Whenever They Get Together


He has this group of little friends whom he grew up with when we were overseas

A group who has transformed from cute little bunnies to mischievous little monkeys

They run

They fight

They scream

They laugh

Keeping their volume down is a feat

Controlling them almost impossible

It’s no wonder eyebrows raised

It’s embarrassing

And we jolly well know why

if someday someone just decide

that we should be barred from their indoor premises !


You know he had too much of WWII

when any black and white portrait of a man
who wears a short mustache is

We were at the library
out from the rest room
between those book shelves
he saw a Hitler look-alike
and had to exclaim

I know it is not funny
but I can’t help but laugh
and remind him of his ‘library voice’

He is into World War 2 recently
It started off as
Curiosity over the Machines used
the German Bismarck, the Japanese Yamato
the American Mustang, the German ME262
the German V2 ballistic missiles, the American atomic bomb

Then there were the countries
Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, America
next came the Axis and the Allies
and how it all started
with Mr Adolf Hitler and his party

When we meet up with Daddy’s Japanese colleagues
he had to ask about Yamato and the kamikaze pilots
somehow I cringed
a 4 year old and World War 2

All was good
for the interrogation was brief

Now I worry
what will happen
when he meet up with Daddy’s German colleagues

Maybe I should ban his history books