You know he had too much of WWII

when any black and white portrait of a man
who wears a short mustache is

We were at the library
out from the rest room
between those book shelves
he saw a Hitler look-alike
and had to exclaim

I know it is not funny
but I can’t help but laugh
and remind him of his ‘library voice’

He is into World War 2 recently
It started off as
Curiosity over the Machines used
the German Bismarck, the Japanese Yamato
the American Mustang, the German ME262
the German V2 ballistic missiles, the American atomic bomb

Then there were the countries
Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, America
next came the Axis and the Allies
and how it all started
with Mr Adolf Hitler and his party

When we meet up with Daddy’s Japanese colleagues
he had to ask about Yamato and the kamikaze pilots
somehow I cringed
a 4 year old and World War 2

All was good
for the interrogation was brief

Now I worry
what will happen
when he meet up with Daddy’s German colleagues

Maybe I should ban his history books

Healthy Kids’ Pizza

This is our current favourite quick fix for lunch. Msg and additives free homemade kids’ pizza using our left over bread or baguette. I love it more with the baguette as it is crunchier and there is more ‘bread’ to it. This is so healthy and easy to make that the kids can join in during the preparation and have fun at the same time.

Cut up the toppings or have your kids help cut up the softer ingredients using a butter knife. Let them help to sprinkle all their favrourites on the bread, bake it and you have your healthy, yummy pizza!

Maybe it is because Mal was involved in the preparation, he seems more appreciative and would eat up EVERYTHING including the vegetables and this makes me very happy.

designing his pizza. Each colours represents different ingredients. Red = salami, Orange = mushroom, Green = broccoli, Yellow = cheese
he calls it his ‘Tsunami Pizza’ since it sounds like Salami
helping to cut some of the ingredients and arranging them on the pizza
look at the healthy colours

1 slice of bread or 1/4 of baguette
1 sausage
1 flower of broccoli (we used the frozen ones that are already cooked)
2 portobello mushroom (or any other fresh mushrooms)
mozzarella cheese (or just cut some normal sandwich cheese into small pieces)
tomato ketchup

preheat oven at 200 deg celsius
slice sausages, broccoli and mushrooms
spread the bread generously with tomato ketchup (this will give you the pizza taste)
sprinkle mozzarlla cheese
arrange broccoli, mushrooms and sausages on the bread
add salt and oregano (the oregano gives it a really nice fragrant)
top up with more cheese (this will help to hold the toppings in place)
bake for 10 min

For a twist, you can use other toppings that are easy to cook. We had tried crab meat, tiny cooked prawns, small onions, ham, salami and they all taste yummy.