Up the Mountain

Day 1
we were told that Malcolm could try out the Cristal class
an intermediate class meant for kids 6 years old and above

After the first lesson
they told us that Malcolm is a bit too young
They will let him join the younger group instead

He was a bit disappointed as he thought the Day 1 class was really fun
He liked the instructor and she taught him things that he never learned

Day 2
he joined a new class
and went up a green slope using a T-bar lift which I never learned how to do

While up the mountain
My husband noticed a kid waving frantically at him
signaling anxiously
‘LOOK Daddy! I AM HERE!’

My husband was in shock and disbelief
Our boy was not with the beginner group
It was not a green nor a blue
It was a RED run
and it was only Day 3!

And why did I ever think that he would need mummy dearest to protect him
I should be glad that he doesn’t bark at me to keep up with him!


Cooking Spinach

Normally when it comes to weekend, I am too lazy to cook. It is like after 5 days of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, I need a break. So once a while, Daddy and Mal will take over the kitchen on weekends.

Daddy, the master chef and Malcolm, the assistant chef, helping to stir, mix and wash. This was taken by Daddy during one of those bonding session in the kitchen. They were cooking their ‘secret recipe’ spinach.



SO I wasn’t concentrating
I was tired
I was distracted
I was complacent
I lost my queen and bishop to careless move
AND my boy CHECKMATE me today!
I succumbed to his castle, horse and queen after defending my king for the longest time.
It was a shameful and prideful moment
What can I say, I think I just have to be more cautious before making my next move
and stop being such a bimbo when it comes to playing chess!

sep 027