French Alps at Flaine

For 6 days, we skied and snowboarded
We woke up each morning at 6 plus to catch the first glimpse of sunshine creeping his
way up from behind the Alps
Engulfing the morning moon while spreading his rays and warming the snowy slopes.

Our apartment, perched at the edge of a hill, overlooking a pine forest, was a little cozy nest, for us to rest our tired body after a day of downhill charge. Simple home cooked food was our best treats at the end of the day and to refuel ourselves for another day of daring thrill.

The French Alps at Flaine was an awe inspiring view.
And to think that I had seen the best during our last ski trip in Wengen.
I was wrong.


My First Pair of Hiking Boots

Berner Oberland-655

Scarpa is the brand

from a little town called Wengen

right in the middle of the Swiss Alps

Daddy says they cost more than Mummy’s

Even more so than his own


It is a tough looking pair

in brown, beige, green and black

made from something called Goretex

Daddy says these are good stuff

strong, waterproof and they breath too


Berner Oberland-436


With my new boots

I can now jump in rain puddles

and waddle in muddy tracks

Daddy says it is fine

so long I keep my pants up high


With my new boots

I can now walk on jagged rocks

and sink my feet in fresh soft snow

Daddy says how he wishes

for a pair like mine


With my new boots

I hike through mountain trails

and tip toe across mountain streams

Daddy says I look just like a pro

the youngest hiker he ever known


Daddy says it was the boots

or maybe the chocolate

My legs suddenly grew strong

He says he had never walked this much

when he was just my age


Mummy says it could be all those

plus all of Daddy’s words

that makes my legs go on and on

like the youngest hiker

you ever known.

Berner Oberland-423

~ posted from the town of Murren


We Skipped School

So I did succumb to his plea. We skipped school and ended up at East Coast Park…
We ate breakfast at MacDonalds
We played at the playground
We watched people do stunts with their blades
We cycled and bladed
We ate ‘saucy’ porridge
We watched the workers prune the trees
We thought how sad it was for the tree to lose its branches
We listened to the wind, watched the birds and looked at really old treesWe talked,
We laughed,
We thought,
How great if we can do this everyday