The Inevitable Has Happened

Haven’t we all heard how tourists often fall prey to pickpockets in big cities ? We read, we take precautions and we think we are safe from evil hands.

And there I was, about to rejoice over our peaceful stay in Europe when yesterday, the inevitable happened.

We were on our way home from the library. Inside the metro station, I was lugging a bagful of books and pulling my son’s roller scooter along. Somehow, I had decided to leave my sling pouch together with the bagful of books. The sling pouch is where I usually put my personal belongings.

While we were going through the turnstile, I noticed a tall African man lurking behind me. He was hoping to get through the turnstile at the same time as us, without a ticket. He failed, for there was no way for the narrow turnstile to accommodate a boy, a scooter, a woman, a big bag AND A BIG MAN !

Somehow, I felt that the man was up to more evil than just trying to get through the turnstile illegally. He could have jolly well jumped over if he was really desperate to board the train. I have seen people do that before.

Feeling suspicious, I searched through my pockets to make sure that my purse was still there. It was there and I was too busy with both my hands, helping Malcolm down a flight of stairs to turn around to check on the man. Anyway, I knew he was still caught on the other side of the turnstile. My purse was in my right pocket, my handphone was in my left together with the house keys. All my valuable belongings were in my pocket that day, for convenience sake.

All was well, I thought. Never did I expect that it was during that short instant, the man had skillfully fished out my sling pouch from my bag without me feeling a thing.

So I WAS PICKPOCKETED AFTERALL, right under my nose!

I lost a made-in-Thailand hand-me-down sling pouch
heaps of tissue paper, used and new
and a precious nail clipper from Switzerland

I hope the loot made the crook VERY happy!



Snowy Icy Winter

Jan 019

Paris, and many parts of Europe, welcomed the new year with freezing cold Arctic weather, temperature plummeting below zero, coating roads and pavements with snow and ice. We were told that Paris hadn’t had this much of snow for a long time. I guess we were ‘lucky’

First day of school for Malcolm began on a good note. He walked to school with falling snow and played throwing snowballs at the playground with his friends.

During lunch, he trotted home with a chunk of snow and insisted on carrying it INTO the house so that he could place it outside our window.

After lunch, he lugged the piece of  snow back to school. He was thrilled that the snow DIDN’T MELT. It’s amazing how a chunk of snow can make him so happy!

I hope this signifies a good start for him in school this term, with him making more friends and speaking more french.

Fingers crossed.

Jan 392