Clutching on to a piece of cardboard
he jumped onto my lap and said
“Mummy help me cut here and here”

Next, he passed me 2 straws and added
“Help me cut here and here”

Then with the scotch tape, he instructed,
“Stick the cardboard behind here and the 2 straws under here”
indicating his back and arms

And with that, he crashed himself onto the floor and exclaimed
“Look Mummy, I am a PLANE!”
“This is my TAIL FIN and these are my ENGINES!”

Preview to Singapore Airshow 2008

I have been planning to get tickets to the Singapore Airshow 2008 , which is around 100 bucks for 4 admission tickets and 1 car pass. The organizer had been very slow in putting up information on their website thus the procrastination in getting the tickets and I was glad I did.

Last week I managed to grab some free preview tickets for the show. It would be great if Daddy was around as he is definitely a better narrator when it comes to explaining and naming out the different aircrafts. As much as I love bringing Mal to the show, I dread the crowd, walking the vast and almost borderless exhibit area under the scorching hot sun and it didn’t help when I was popping flu tablets the night before. It was a hard battle for me to decide whether to go or to forsake the preview tickets. Eventually, the rational mind won over the fatigue body…and I am not so sure I made the right choice.

The static air display was a real let down. We only managed to see 3 pathetic planes at the display, the Apache, Chinook and the F16 Fighting Falcons. I was disappointment yet relieved. Relieved because due to the few display, we had less walking to do and I had less to stress about when it comes to explaining to Mal the different aircrafts we saw.

For the aerobatic airshow, there was no Red Arrows, Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. Instead we had our very own Black Knights, this time featuring all 6 Falcons instead of 2 Falcons and 4 Skyhawks a few years back. The thundering jet engines and afterburner cracking through the low clouds were about the only consolation we get for turning up for the show. I love the noise 🙂 Luckily for the low clouds that day, the Black Knights had to perform at a lower altitude than usual, heehee 🙂

A check on the airshow site finally shows that the Australian Roulettes will be invited to perform on actual day when the show opens to public. Still I wasn’t sure whether I should dump in 100 bucks just to watch a few more turboprop training aircrafts doing stunts.

Pilots, Planes, Rockets and LEGOs

His impression of Japan Airport, to be exact Narita airport, we transit there when we flew back from LA to Spore. He spent a few hours the other morning fixing this.

We had unpacked some of Mal’s frequent played toys, arranged them in boxes and stacked them up at every corners of the house. There is a corner for wooden toys and puzzles, a corner for cooking toys, a corner for Lego and a corner for all the other barang barang masak. Mal seems more cooperative to put his own toys back after playing when things are more organize now. Either this, or maybe because he is now playing less of his toys, except for his Legos. He spends most of his time fiddling with his Lego making planes and rockets. He is truly obsessed with planes, rockets and becoming a jumbo jet pilot these days. To the extent that sometimes when we want to make him eat food he refused to take or to drink more water. We have to appeal to his sense of logic, example,
‘if you don’t eat this or that, or you don’t drink enough water, you will not grow up to be strong and healthy. You need to be strong and healthy to be a pilot to fly a plane!’
‘you need to learn your ABCs if you want to become a pilot as pilots need to know how to read before they can fly the plane!’

so far this trick works a little, will have to think of something else when the day comes when he will just tell us ‘It’s ok, I don’t want to be a pilot anymore, so I no need to eat, drink and learn my ABCs!!!’

his huge Jumbo jet Lego which was completed half way in Phoenix. We were contemplating whether to take out this set of Lego which was meant for a 5 – 12 year old. The Lego pieces were very small and the instructions seem too difficult for him to understand and follow. We finally decided to let him play with it as we are afraid that he may lost interest in planes the day come when he is old enough to fix it.