We Watched

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Grabbed the pair of complimentary tickets from a friend at the very last minute
On the very same morning, 15 minutes before the show starts !

Sped to destination, still 10 minutes late
It was our first play EVER EVER

He didn’t know what to expect
Neither did I

Love the cheerful and colourful stage
The kids were very spontaneous and responsive

The songs were very catchy
and we just couldn’t stop singing
even after the show ended
[Who’s afraid of
the big bad wolf
the big bad wolf
the big bad wolf] X 2
Tra la la la la

He enjoyed thoroughly
and can’t wait for the next play
So do I

At the end of the play,
He did learn that Boys Should Not Tell Lies
and I secretly wished that he isn’t smart enough to catch the WHYs

that Dad should not be giving his child empty promises
that Dad should be spending more time with his child
that Dad should reflect before reprimanding his child
that the lying was only a symptom, a sign
that he isn’t giving his child enough attention
and Dad should learn to listen

an enjoyable play
and a good way to start the morning
though I think I would rename the play as
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
and The Dad Who Never Listen


I Can Bring You To The Moon

He called these his latest invention

Air and space craft engines
that can bring Mama to the moon
to space, to Pluto, to Orion and even underwater

They can travel faster than the speed of sound
and even faster than the speed of light
To be exact
they can travel 3 X the speed of light
and if speed of light is 2 X the speed of sound
that will make these engines travel at 6 X the speed of sound

These engines can be fueled by ANYTHING
Metal, plastic, paper, water, air, solar, concrete, peanut butter and jam

First you stuff these rubbish into the fuel tank
then you grind it
then you turn on the engine
set to full power
a liquid call ‘EZABENE’ will be pumped
to turn the rubbish into gas
that will not pollute the air

and OFF WE GO !



Clutching on to a piece of cardboard
he jumped onto my lap and said
“Mummy help me cut here and here”

Next, he passed me 2 straws and added
“Help me cut here and here”

Then with the scotch tape, he instructed,
“Stick the cardboard behind here and the 2 straws under here”
indicating his back and arms

And with that, he crashed himself onto the floor and exclaimed
“Look Mummy, I am a PLANE!”
“This is my TAIL FIN and these are my ENGINES!”