Happiness is kicking balls

running with arms open

wind in your face


Happiness is having a friend

holding hands

playing catch


Happiness is different types of chocolate

double scoops ice cream

tasting the rain


Happiness is 4 different types of flowers

catching a lady bug

setting him free


Happiness is showertime

soaping and scrubbing

bombing bottles


Happiness is being alone

playing LEGO

flying ace



Happiness is waking up

snuggling up

playing you are my hotdog

I am your bun


Happiness is staying home

lunch with Mummy

and dinner with all

chatting yakking blabbering on


Happiness is morning and evening

Daytime and nighttime too

For happiness is anyone and anything at all

That let you be you


Inspiration from the Alps – Glory of the Morning Sun

And I love the morning sun

the morning scent that is uniquely hers

perhaps from the morning dew

or perhaps from the waking greens

bearing freshness after a long night rest

rejuvenating, refreshing

liberating, tranquilizing

spreading glory

high above ground

over a blanket of frosty white


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Staying True (to First Principles)

Will a painter paint when nobody appreciates ?
Will a dancer dance when she never stands on center stage ?
Will a player play when he is only good for reserve bench ?
Will a writer write when nobody reads ?


these are the obvious that will spur one on
rob the memory of how it once began
a humble start from pure simple joy

Lures and temptations
Desire and wants
Tough to resist
Hard to stay true

but a truly passionate
will eventually come through

To the painter who paints without an admirer
To the dancer who never take on center stage
To the player who never get his turn
To the writer who continues to write

To the one who stays true
I applaud
I salute
I learn