The Way To A Man’s Heart


and you know they really LOVE it when they lick their plate CLEAN !!!


it may be because




Singapore Hokkein Prawn Noodle


Handful of yellow round noodles

Handful of white round noodles

2 bunch of asian chives

Lard (optional)

2 eggs

10 prawns

fried fish cake

bean sprout

3 cloves of garlic

fish sauce


Ingredients for prawn stock

1/2 kg prawn heads peeled

some pork ribs

1 onion chopped

2 cloves garlic chopped

3 bowls of water

oyster sauce




A. Prawn Stock

1. Heat up oil in stock pot

2. Brown garlic

3. Add in onion and cook till soften

4. Add in prawn heads and lightly stir fry

5. Add oyster sauce and salt

6. Add water and bring to boil

7. Add in pork ribs

8. Cover and let it simmer for an hour or till soup reduce to 1 bowl

B. Preparation of Noodle

1. Bring to boil a pot of water

2. Cook both noodles in boiling for a few minutes

3. Remove noodles from pot and drain under cold running water

Prawn Noodle

1. Heat up wok

2. Add in lard, cook till lard turn crispy and brown

3. Add some oil if desired

4. Brown garlic

5. Cook prawn and remove it from wok

6. Crack eggs into wok and fry till fragrant

7. Add in fish cake and stir fry

8. Add in noodles in B, chives and bean sprout

9. Add fish sauce and salt, continue stir fry.

10. Add prawn stock in A, cover and let it cook at low heat for about 5 minutes, stir occasionally

11. Add in cooked prawn and mix

12. Cook till sauce reduce and noodle soften

Serve 2 adults and 1 very hungry kid

For Perfection : Serve with balacan chilli and lime !


East Vs West

I used to prefer staying in the east, close to the sea. The sun seem brighter and the air fresher. It is nearer to the airport, a good place to hang out if you are not there to see your loved ones off. East coast park is always buzzing with activities and it gives an impression of a resort living kind of lifestyle.

Due to proximity to Daddy’s workplace, we ended up staying in the west, nearer to the island’s industrial area. The air seem more polluted, the sun doesn’t shine as bright and malaysian bikers rule the highway BKE and KJE.

After staying here for close to 6 years. I realised that the west side does has its charm. Every weekend, people flocked from different parts of the island to climb our ‘highest’ peak. Maybe as a measure to neutralize the pollution, the west side seem to be greener. Just outside our house, you can see lush green tropical rainforest.

Dec 1089

and just behind our house, among the overgrowth, there is a little path that leads to this….

Dec 1103
a railway track!

This is the Malayan Railway Track that is still in operation today and it is right behind our house!
At certain time of the day, if you are lucky, you get to see train, those old ones, not MRT, passing by with long carriages filled with goods. And if you are the more adventurous sort, you may want to try hiking and retrace this forgotten railway. Some interesting reads from here and Singapore Expat before you set off!