I Want To Be a Penguin

Mal : ‘Mummy, I want to be a penguin

pause & think

Mal : ‘I want YOU and DADDY to be penguins

pause & think again

Mal : ‘I want yeeyee, jiujiu, popo and EVERYONE to be penguins !!!’

Mal : ‘So we can dance like them,

swim like them

and do SYNCHRONIZED turns like them !’

Mummy : ‘But penguins live in VERY COLD places you know ?!’

Mal : ‘It’s ok, then I can live in Manitoba like the polar bears !

And you should have seen us dance like the penguins.

It’s embarrassing.

Ain’t they cute !!!

(he especially loves the part where the penguins make funny noises before jumping into the icy cold water)